Turkish Airlines plans to provide free internet access on board its flights

Turkish Airlines is currently in advanced negotiations to select a new onboard internet service provider. In its quest to improve its passengers’ flight experience, the Turkish carrier plans to replace its current suppliers, Panasonic Avionic and Anuvu, with a more efficient and innovative service. Among the contenders are marquee names such as Turkcell, Turkey’s national telecom operator Satelio, and Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet division, which promises high-speed global connectivity.

Turkish Airlines’ initiative is part of an effort to offer its customers a free internet connectivity service on board, a significant step forward in the airline industry where internet access is often considered a premium service. The airline hopes that this new partnership will provide its entire fleet with stable, fast and accessible internet connectivity, thus meeting the growing needs of its passengers wishing to stay connected, in mid-flight.

The ambitious project of the Turkish national company is to put this new internet connectivity offer into service within a maximum period of 12 months.

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