Extra baggage charges on Corendon Airlines flights

As the departure date for their Corendon Airlines flight approaches, many travelers start packing their bags to make sure they don’t forget anything. But what are their rights regarding the size of your luggage? And if they want to inflate their baggage allowance by buying extra, how much does it cost?

Your bulky suitcase must go in the hold

Corendon Airlines planes have a capacity limit on the amount of baggage it is allowed to carry depending on its size and balance. How to avoid paying excess baggage fees? The obvious best answer is that you will have to adjust the quantity, size or weight of the baggage within the limits of the baggage allowance or restrictions. Otherwise, the traveler is subject to paying the additional costs in order to take his overweight baggage with him.

If you are leaving for several weeks and your stay requires one or more bulky pieces of luggage, anticipate their trip to the hold when booking your plane ticket.

If a stopover is planned during your flight, you may have to collect your luggage between flights. On the other hand, when your connection is made by the same airline, your suitcases may be delivered to your final destination without you having to worry about it during your stopover.

Whether it’s a business trip or a leisure trip, traveling to faraway destinations requires careful planning, and luggage is no exception. As a passenger, you should ensure you understand the guidelines set by the airline you are traveling with. So arrive at the airport prepared by understanding all about excess baggage as well as oversized baggaes.

What is excess baggage?

It is any baggage, suitcase or box that is above the allowable limit established by the air carriers. Baggage rules or limits are set by the airline for carry-on and checked baggage you bring to the airport. The rules set a limit to the following: Number, weight and dimensions of baggage.

Overweight, oversized, and odd-sized baggage is baggage or an item that exceeds the standard baggage weight and size set by Corendon Airlines. For example, a bag over 23 kg, longboards for surfing and larger musical instruments will fall into this category.

The Turkish carrier has quantity, weight and size restrictions for these items. If they exceed the permitted weight and size, the airline will not allow you to check in your baggage. You may need to arrange a special service to be able to transport your luggage.

Buy extras for your heavy baggage

Be careful not to get carried away with enthusiasm when you opt for a plane ticket that includes a seat in the lower hold. This luggage is also subject to regulations and must respect a maximum size and weight. If you exceed the authorized weight (displayed in the allowance), your suitcase will be considered heavy and will be subject to an overcharge when checking in at the airport. You will need to purchase an extra to be able to carry them.

Whether you have decided to place your suitcases in the cabin or in the hold, you will have to pass the weighing test when you arrive at the airport. If when you place your baggage in the Corendon Airlines template, it exceeds the authorized size or weight, you will have to pay a surplus which can quickly become costly.

Likewise when you choose at the last moment to bring an extra shopping bag with you. These last-minute expenses can weigh heavily on your budget.

If this is your case, you should consider buying your excess baggage online, the prices of which are significantly cheaper compared to airport prices.

Buy excess baggage at Corendon Airlines

For a large luggage with additional weight, get ready to pay:

Additional weight (kg) Price online (€)
5 15
10 25
15 40
20 50
25 60
30 75
35 90
40 100

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