Flight delayed by Pegasus: All about passenger rights

Passengers’ rights are protected by a very precise European regulation, named 261/2004CE. This text applies to all passengers taking off from or landing in a European Union country as well as Switzerland, Iceland and Norway.

Flight delayed by Pegasus Airlines: Here are your rights

From time to time, Pegasus Airline may experience IT logistics issues, staff shortages, or staff grumbling.

For different reasons and events that can occur suddenly, the Turkish carrier can announce delays on dozens of flights including yours. Here are your rights in the event that your flight is seriously delayed (greater than three hours):

Assistance: which includes meals, drinks, communication and accommodation, is compulsory from a 2-hour delay before take-off for flights up to 1,500 km. It varies according to the waiting time and the distance.

Complain to Pegasus

For any passenger who believes that his airline Fly Pegasys has not respected his rights, he must file a complaint to obtain his compensation or his financial compensation. The traveler has up to three years to defend his right to this monetary compensation.

Compensation of 250 to 600 Euros

Is possible but very supervised. To be due, the delay must be more than three hours and it is calculated when the doors of the aircraft open on arrival. If the delay was announced at least two weeks before departure (14 days), financial compensation does not apply (the passenger is only entitled to reimbursement).

Passengers subject to long delays are protected

If your flight is more than two hours late, you are entitled to free meals and refreshments. But also, in principle, two free phone calls or e-mails. If the wait is prolonged, and it is necessary, the airline must also provide you with accommodation and transport between the airport and the hotel.

In the event of a delay exceeding 3 hours, you are entitled to claim a fixed compensation. Attention, it is indeed the delay on arrival at destination. If your flight departs 3 hours late, but arrives at its destination less than three hours late, your rights are lost.

The fixed compensation, for a delay exceeding three hours, is between 250 and 600€ depending on the distance of the flight. For a flight of a distance of 0 to 1500 km, you are thus entitled to compensation of 250€, 400€ for a flight of more than 1500 km in the EU or 1500 to 3500 outside the Union. If the distance of the flight exceeds 3500 km, the compensation then amounts to 600€.

The passenger risks only receiving 50% of the compensation if his Pegasus airline manages to place him on a replacement flight and the latter arrives at his destination three or four hours late.

After five hours of delay, the passenger has the right not to take the delayed flight and to be reimbursed. The consumer protection organization specifies that if you use your own means to arrive at your destination, it considers that you are entitled to request reimbursement of the ticket used for the part of the amount which exceeds the price of the ticket whose flight was suffered a long delay or was cancelled.

Flight delay caused by extraordinary circumstances: What happens to passenger rights?

Flight delays can sometimes be caused by exceptional circumstances, which are beyond the control of Pegasus, such as adverse weather conditions, political instability, airport staff strikes, …

European law specifies that the air carrier operating the flight must prove, for example by providing extracts from logbooks or incident reports, the exceptional circumstance preventing the smooth running of the journey. If he manages to do so, he will be exempted from paying compensation to his travellers.

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