Flying with Freebird Airlines: How much luggage can you check in?

What is the maximum weight for checked baggage on an airplane? And what are the dimensions accepted by Freebird Airlines? These are questions that passengers who are not accustomed to taking Turkish company flights should ask before the day of departure, to avoid unpleasant surprises when passing their luggage through the security check at the airport.

All those who are preparing to pack their bags for a more or less distant destination must necessarily organize themselves accordingly in order to best prepare their holidays.

How much should your luggage weigh and measure? Limit weights and dimensions

In a Freebird Airlines plane, the maximum weight allowed for checked baggage is 23kg. The total dimension of the luggage must not exceed 157 cm (height + width + length).

The Turkish airline allows the transport of a maximum of ten pieces of luggage for each passenger on this flight. Of course, this by paying the additional baggage fees. Each suitcase placed in the hold must not weigh more than 32kg.

Pay attention to your choice of objects placed in your checked baggage because some of them are prohibited

Some passengers think that the airline only dwells on the maximum allowed weight or dimensions of their checked baggage, and they are completely wrong.

Each traveler preparing to take a Freebird Airlines flight must ensure that their baggage which will be placed in the hold will not contain any prohibited items such as flammable materials.

Baggage labeling: an essential step to protect your suitcases from loss

A trip generally requires a good deal of organization: plane tickets to be bought at the best time, reservation of accommodation on site, organization of outings and leisure activities. And you have to take everything with you and don’t forget anything, from identity papers to the necessary cash, including swimsuits, sunscreen and luggage scales. And yet, passengers can sometimes forget some details with great consequences. Baggage labeling is indeed mandatory for you and the whole family.

Baggage tagging is mandatory when traveling by air mainly to prevent it from being considered as abandoned packages. Most of the time, the baggage is not dangerous, it is simply a passenger who forgot to tag their bag, thus wasting valuable time for the airline staff at the airport. Save everyone, including you, time by properly labeling your luggage with your address and contact details.

We don’t stop at the coercive aspect of luggage labelling, and let’s consider it as something useful: the obligation to label our luggage when traveling is also a way of enabling us better recover them in case of loss or delay. All airlines, even the most renowned, have already confronted their passengers with baggage delays: it is enough that your baggage has been placed on another flight, which is quite common. When filing your claim for your baggage which did not arrive on time, you will need to provide your identification information: surname, first name and address, telephone and email. Needless to say, your luggage will be much easier to find if it has been properly tagged with all of your contact information.

Does Freebird Airlines accept oversized baggage on board its planes?

All baggage exceeding the size and weight authorized by the Turkish company in the hold is considered bulky, therefore special baggage. So be sure to measure and weigh your items correctly (height + length + width) and tell Freebird or your travel agency what type of equipment it is.

This air carrier accepts that special baggage (bicycle, surfboard, golf bag, etc.) be transported in its hold but requires that it be packed in specific protections, and of course, additional costs of baggage must be paid for before boarding.

– Check-in of special baggage

The check-in procedure is usually done online, when booking the plane ticket. You can also contact the airline or your travel agency directly for more security or carry out the operation directly at the airport. Your baggage must be checked in no later than 48 hours before departure. It is always advisable to make the reservation as soon as possible as places are limited.

Please note that you will not be able to check in oversized baggage online. The procedure is only carried out at the airport, where they may be transported as freight if necessary.

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