Boarding a Pegasus flight with a stroller

For all passengers who wish to take a stroller on the plane, there are some things that are worth considering.

Carrying a Stroller on a Pegasus Flight

You can take your stroller with you to the country of destination. The only question is where your stroller will stay during the flight: with you on board as hand luggage, or in the hold with the large suitcases. And where should you put the stroller if it has to be put in the hold: at the check-in counter or only at the boarding gate?

At Pegasus you can use your stroller until the plane, and you get it back as soon as you disembark. You cannot take it in the cabin.

What kind of stroller to carry on board?

Collapsible strollers that fold down to carry-on dimensions are generally allowed on board, so they are within easy reach throughout the flight.

If you have a large stroller that cannot be folded as hand luggage (e.g. 55 x 35 x 25 cm), you must hand it in at the check-in counter or at the boarding gate. This in turn depends on the airline and the fine print on your ticket. Bringing your stroller to the check-in counter may seem a bit inconvenient, but with a baby carrier you are immediately a little more hands-free at the airport.

Protective cover for your stroller

Whether mandatory or non-binding: you will need the protective cover. So make sure you have at least one with you, because once at the airport your luggage will not be treated like porcelain.

If you can get your stroller to your gate, you will often collect it at the arrival gate, not with baggage. Always ask ground staff when you arrive where you can pick up your buggy. Do you have a fixed bag with your stroller? The bag from your stroller or diaper bag counts as hand luggage on the plane, so keep that in mind.

Stroller or buggy which is more convenient

A stroller is the only option if your child cannot sit up yet and still sleeps in a box. Even when traveling to destinations where the road surface is less than ideal, a stroller is simply much more comfortable than a crib or car seat.

However, as soon as your child can sit upright, you can also opt for a stroller. This may be less comfortable on your vacation, but it has other advantages. You can take a stroller with Pegasus Airlines.

A stroller can always be brought to the gate, so that your child can always sit comfortably in it at the airport.

Stroller damaged after theft: what to do in this case?

If this happens to you, it is very important that you report it immediately to the airport where it happened. You can try to hold the airline responsible, but it is much easier and faster to go directly to your travel insurance. This is why it is important to have this report so that they also know that it was detected at the airport and that your buggy did not break down elsewhere.

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