Online check-in for Pegasus flights: A time-saving service at the airport

Online check-in is convenient and easy to do as the passenger can do it anywhere and anytime. Arriving at the airport, passengers with carry-on baggage can proceed directly to the boarding area, while all other travelers hand in their checked baggage to baggage drop-off on the day of departure.

How do you check in online for a Pegasus flight?

Many passengers are faced with this question and many others. The operating carrier has introduced an online check-in service just to save its customers a lot of time they usually waste at the airport.

Instead of going to the airport early and heading to the airline counter where waiting in line to check in is usually unavoidable, passengers can complete this step via their smartphones in just two minutes, and can even obtain their boarding passes either by printing it out on A4 paper or by saving them on their mobile phones.

This service is inaccessible for some travellers

Unaccompanied minors are not allowed to check in online. For special baggage and pets, it is worth checking in at the counter.

Online check-in for a Pegasus flight: How it works

Go to the Pegasus website or mobile app, and hover your cursor or finger over the Online Check-in tab. You now need your reservation number, made up of numbers and letters, as well as your name to complete the procedure.

The process is simple, because after entering the data, you will be guided through the registration process. In some cases, it is even possible to choose and select the seat on which you wish to sit during the plane trip, online and you will have the possibility of modifying your choice later.

While noting that the choice of seat or the modification of a choice already made, cannot be possible after the registration has been validated by the traveler.

Important: Passengers must not forget to print or save their boarding pass once they have checked in for the Pegasus flight and have been validated.

If you ever prefer to have your boarding pass on paper, it must be legible, so you must ensure that the print quality is good.

When is it possible to check in online for a Pegasus flight? Final time (Deadline)

With the Turkish airline, online check-in is generally possible three days in advance (72 hours before departure). However, this service will no longer be available from forty minutes (40m) if you are traveling on an international flight and thirty minutes (30m) if you plan to take a domestic flight.

Check-in kiosks at the airport

The same procedure you perform on your mobile to check in, you can apply at the airport using the self-service kiosks. But you should know that this solution is not available in all airports served by Pegasus.

If you are traveling from Istanbul Airport, you can check in electronically at the airport using these kiosks located in the airport lobby.

Check-in kiosks are increasingly used at this airport, and are gradually replacing traditional check-in counters.

Checking in your baggage at the airport

There are also terminals helping passengers to check in their luggage. All the traveler needs to do is place their suitcase on a baggage carousel and have their boarding pass scanned.

Before completing the procedure, the passenger can check his data for the last time on the screen, confirming that his baggage complies with the weight and dimensions authorized by Pegasus. If everything is correct, all you have to do is press a button to print the banner needed to identify the case and attach it to the luggage carrying strap.

Then the suitcase has to be placed on the conveyor belt by just pressing a button. Overall, this process shouldn’t take more than a minute. In case of any problem, you can ask the airline staff for help, who will be available near you.

You can print your boarding pass in advance. If you are traveling with hand luggage only, you can go directly to the boarding gate. On the other hand, if you are traveling with checked baggage, you must go to the baggage drop-off.

Check-in at the airport

If you are going to the airport by car, it is best to look for parking spaces near the terminal. It is a good idea to reserve a parking space in advance.

Keep an eye on time management: for short and medium-haul flights, it is recommended to be at the airport at least 120 minutes (2 hours) in advance, and 180 minutes (3 hours) for flights long-haul.

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