Turkish Airlines Mobile App: All air travel can be managed from your smartphone

The Turkish Airlines mobile application makes it possible to offer passengers a more personalized service thanks to a better understanding of their preferences and needs, it facilitates the operation of flight attendants, it increases the efficiency of administrative processes and, in addition, it will improve flight management.

This application allows you to consult up-to-date information on the flight, the crew and the connections at the start of the operation, a fundamental aspect for the development of the work of the flight attendants. In addition, during boarding, you will keep the online information necessary for the real-time management of this entire process.

The application is totally free. Users can organize their air travel from their smartphone or smart phone without needing anything else.

The program is integrated with their Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles account, if you have one, and with it you will have real-time access to all flight information. The cool thing about the case is that they can use their smartphone as a boarding pass. Not all airports are prepared for this, but at least the foundations are in place.

All the contact details of the Turkish Airlines offices at the end of a click

With this application, the number of its customer service and its agencies spread over the various countries of the world will be at your disposal in one click.

Turkish Airlines is only compatible with Apple and Android terminals. As for languages, it is available in Turkish and English.

With this application, available for download on PlayStore and App Store, organizing your trip will be a breeze thanks to quick access. From them you will have the opportunity to know the departure and arrival times of flights, to be informed of flight offers, to carry out searches and even to make online reservations for a flight.

On this application, you have a personal space called TA. The only thing you will have to do is identify yourself in your TA Miles & Smiles account and you will have direct access to everything you consider essential. You will receive notifications to inform you of new promotions launched by Turkish Airlines, you will be up to date with its sales and discounts, and the latest new flights added to its network.

Basically, the TA app has the following functions: book, modify or cancel the reservation, scan the credit card to formalize the purchase, issue the boarding pass, book a hotel or rent a car , among other aspects of the flight.

This app can measure your luggage size

The Turkish airline has added a new utility to its mobile application called BAG, which offers its customers the possibility of scanning their baggage to find out if it complies with the measures required to board it in the cabin.

This functionality can be performed anywhere and at any time, without the need to arrive at the airfield, and is added to the catalog currently available to the application for the benefit of flight management in a simple and easy way.

Just bring the mobile closer to the suitcase and scan it. The application instantly informs if everything is correct or, on the contrary, if it will be necessary to register this baggage.

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