Need to submit a dispute or request for information with Freebird Airlines? Experts in customer relations at your service

At this airline, the customer relations agents analyze everything that customers have to say in relation to the services offered by Freebird Airlines.

A team in charge of customer relations, and another that takes care of marketing, through a management group and front-line employees. By working together, these teams can use the data collected to improve your experience as an air passenger.

Are you having difficulties with the air operator Freebird Airlines? do you need information about the airline’s offers? You have so many ways to contact your airline’s customer service department and talk to their agents and advisors.

The customer service of the airline specializing in charter flights is there to help you solve all types of problems. The agents responsible for customer relationship management at this company have the ability to provide an optimal experience to passengers in the event of disputes or problems related to their air travel, including delays, cancellations of flights, loss or damage to luggage. They will be happy to find a solution whenever you need it.

Freebird Airlines provides you with customer service over the phone

Would you like information about the air transport services offered by Freebird Airlines? To communicate with the customer service of the Turkish airline, the call center handles your questions every day on the following numbers:

– Mobile phone: +90.242.3495.747

– Landline: +

– WhatsApp: +90.536.2717.662

Freebird contact numbers at airports

The Turkish carrier also puts at your service advisers and experts in customer relations to guide you and accompany you or help you resolve your disputes at the airports. They can also be contacted by telephone at the following numbers:

Airport Offices Phone numbers Emails
Istanbul (City) +
Istanbul Airport +90.212.9536.920/+

Atatürk +
Sabiha Gökçen +
Antalya +90.242.349.33.00/+90.242.330.34.05
Ankara +90.312.398.0377/+90.312.39.803.46
Dalaman +90.252.7925.054/+
Bodrum +


Adana +90.322.316.34.31/+90.322.332.76.93
Trabzon +90.462.332.10.00/+90.462.332.10.01
Gazipaşa +90.242.330.30.11/+90.242.330.30.10
Operation Control Center +90.242.3493.300/+

Note that you can reach customer service by phone. The members of the airline’s switchboard are available to customers: In the event of a problem, do not hesitate to use this communication medium to obtain help, advice and support from quality to try to solve a possible problem which would have arisen.

For any request related to the commercial support of Freebird Airlines, you can find it and thus, inquire through an advisor. Find this commercial service by phone.

Would you like to know if promotional offers are effective at the moment? Contact the support specialized in the promotions of the airline company.

Do you have a question for Freebird Airlines customer service, or do you need additional information about the services offered by this airline? Call the information service without delay. Trained advisors will be happy to answer all your questions. To share your questions with an expert, dial the phone number and get answers to all your questions.

Customer advisors at Freebird Airlines can reach you online

Get in touch with an advisor by sending your request for question or complaint by email to This service will process your requests permanently and will contact you as soon as possible.

On the website of this air operator, you also have a question/answer space which will provide you with immediate answers to the most frequently asked questions. A brand newsletter is also available to receive more information and not to miss any new travel offers launched by Freebird Airlines.

Submit your request or complaint by mail

For all kinds of complaints from you, the headquarters of Freebird Airlines receives the postal writings at the address: Çobançeşme, Simetri Ofis, Sanayi Cd. No:60 Kat:4 D:5, 34197 Bahçelievler/İstanbul, Turkey.

Freebird Airlines Customer Relations Agents Answer Your Social Media Questions

At this company, listening to customers on social media like Facebook and Twitter or Instagram is essential because it allows you to discover the opinions of customers who have posted their feedback on these pages. It also makes it possible to create new links with its customers, by initiating or joining conversations with the people who use its products or services, whether by private messages or in public.

Social networks are an essential communication channel for Freebird Airlines. Through these, the Turkish company displays its proximity to its customers through spontaneous interactions.

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  1. Remo

    I live in Barcelona and I want to travel from there to Damascus, via Athens
    We are an adult, a 9-year-old girl, a 6-year-old baby, and a baby of 1 and 9 months old.
    And the times are between 13/7 to 25/7, and there is no difference on any day. The important thing is that the prices are less expensive when choosing only one way, how much are the prices, and how can I pay the money
    How do I contact you directly, please?

    Thank u

  2. Sayed Ali Mazloumi

    I have had a flight from YYZ to Isfahan Iran, But my flight points are missing.
    Will you please help to get them Back.

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