Sports gear and equipment on the plane: What are the rules of Turkish Airlines?

Many people worry about weight restrictions, space limitations and the size of their luggage when traveling by plane with Turkish Airlines.

Carrying sports equipment is one of them, and passengers should take into account the additional weight allowance for the transport of their equipment including bicycle or surf equipment, … so it is best to find out how can you travel with your sports equipment on the plane before you fly.

Get an idea of how to travel with sports equipment and what to consider when flying with Turkish Airlines.

At the airline of Turkey, you must declare your sports equipment in advance. Whether it’s a bicycle, golf bag or ski equipment, … you can take your sports equipment with you (usually in the hold). And for that, you have steps to take.

It is quite possible that you will be required to purchase an additional allowance, in order to be able to transport your oversized or overweight equipment.

You don’t want to carry your sports equipment in your hand luggage because it could get damaged. Instead, you should consider carrying them in your checked baggage. This way you can save space and ensure that your sports equipment does not get damaged.


At Turkish Airlines, they are committed to making your trip comfortable and helping you make it memorable. You can take advantage of all this when traveling with Turkish Airlines.
The Turkish company transports you to hundreds of destinations around the world with your bike

Golf Bag

Traveling with a golf bag is always a challenge. There are many things to consider before packing your gear. For example, you need to consider the baggage size and airline weight limit.

You can easily transport your golf equipment with Turkish Airlines using a special bag or container. These bags are usually designed to fit specific types of sports equipment. They are also available in different sizes depending on the type of luggage you want to carry.

If you are carrying a golf bag, you will need to pay the regular checked baggage fee (currently 109TRY). This can be paid at the airport before checking in your baggage or online on the Turkish Airlines website.


If you are going to winter sports abroad, you may need to take your skis with you on the plane.

Now that you have bought your skis, as well as all the necessary equipment to hit the slopes, there is no longer any question of renting in the resort. You plan to take them on the plane. But what is the price for transporting your skis? At Turkish Airlines, this equipment can be carried in the hold for 109 TYR. Regarding the weight, you should not exceed 23 kg.

Surfing Equipment

Transport of surfboards on Turkish Airlines flights is available to all destinations in its network. You can choose between a wide variety of surfboards, such as longboards, shortboards or even wakeboards. Surfers who book their plane tickets with this airline can take their board safely and comfortably and get the most out of every trip.

The TA airline crew will take care of your board, they will put it in the hold while you fly to your destination. They will also help you get your board out when you arrive at the airport. The price for this service is set at 109 TRY.

Carrying windsurfing

You can carry a surfboard on board Turkish Airlines flights, a sail or other similar equipment in your hand luggage. The dimensions of the board must be less than 352 cm (292 + 60). The Turkish carrier charges a fee of TRY 109 to carry such equipment on board its flights.

Diving Equipment

Are you ready for new deep blue adventures? With Turkish Airlines, you can transport your diving equipment at competitive prices (109 TRY only), an exceptional service that you can enjoy at any time during the year.

Bowling Bag

Turkish Airlines allow you to take your Bowling equipment with you on the plane by charging you a fee of 109 TRY. This includes all sizes of bowling balls.

Turkey’s airline rules for transporting sports equipment do not change no matter where you are flying. In most cases, the airline will allow you to take your bowling ball with you on a domestic or international flight.

Fishing Equipment

If you need to transport your fishing gear, Turkish Airlines can also help. The national airline provides tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of its customers. Whether it’s a European flight or an intercontinental flight, TA will always provide the best possible service at competitive rates.

Your plane fishing gear can be transported for only 109 TRY.

Hunting rifle

Hunting rifles are transported by Turkish Airlines for the same rate indicated for the transport of other sporting equipment.

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