Checking in online for a Corendon Airlines flight according to its rules

The Corendon Airlines online check-in service makes life easier for its passengers taking its flights from countries around the world. Fewer and fewer people bring their paper boarding pass to the airport. Therefore, it is important to know and master this tool which could facilitate the travel process.

Online check-in will allow travelers to have their boarding pass on their mobile phone without having to print it out on paper. This solution makes the onboarding process much faster.

The boarding pass is a document that must be presented at the baggage check-in counters, security checks and boarding gates of the respective airport in order to gain access to the aircraft.

This card includes a QR code which must be validated in the readers available at the various points of the airport. To validate them, simply approach the code to the reader and a sound or light signal will indicate the correct identification of the boarding pass.

All the steps to register your Corendon Airlines flight online

This procedure is quick and easy and can be done via the Corendon Airlines website or app. Once you are ready to make the request, you will be asked for the booking code, email, passenger names and surnames, date of birth and contact details.

In addition, during this procedure, you can choose the seat or keep the one randomly assigned by the airline.

Note that each passenger must have a boarding pass to occupy a seat on the plane.

Online check-in: Final time and deadline

Please note that for the Turkish Air Carrier, online check-in closes five hours before the scheduled flight. If you don’t do it during this period, you will have to do it directly at the airport.

Additionally, this option will not be available if the passenger has been assigned a special service or has travel itineraries that include codeshare routes.

Online check-in opens 72 hours before the scheduled flight, avoiding long queues at the airport.

If necessary, you can check in at the airport

Passengers are always recommended to check in their flight online to avoid spending more time in the queue and enjoying valuable time, but in case this is not possible due to various reasons (bug check-in system on the website for example), you can do this directly at the airline counter. When you arrive at the airport, you will find information plates that will show you the way.

At the airport, you can check in your flight and your luggage. For this you must:

– Locate the appropriate airline counter for your flight.

– Prepare the necessary documents, including the electronic reservation code or the ticket.

– During check-in, you will be asked for the aforementioned documents and you will have to hand over your luggage for it to be weighed and transported to the hold of the aircraft.

– After checking the documents and handing over the luggage, you will receive the boarding card which authorizes your entry on board the aircraft.

– Once you have checked in, you can go to the security check (personal check-in).

– After this check, you can go to the corresponding gate where boarding takes place. Boarding times are indicated on the boarding pass.

Check-in from automatic kiosks at airports

To avoid queues at the counter, you can check in yourself at the Corendon Airlines self-service kiosks located at most airports. For this you will only need your reservation code.

Arriving at the airport:

– Locate the kiosk or the automatic check-in terminal corresponding to Corendon Airlines,

– On the self-service kiosk screen, you will need to enter your identification number and booking confirmation code.

– If the machine allows it, you can choose the seat where you want to travel, otherwise it will be chosen automatically.

– You will receive the boarding pass which you must show both at security and when boarding the plane.

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