Turkish Airlines Boarding Pass: Various methods to obtain this travel document

The Turkish Airlines boarding pass is a document confirming the right of a passenger to board the plane of the Turkish company.

Each passenger who has a flight reservation with this operator must obtain their card, which will be issued to them after checking in for their flight, either online or at the airport. This rectangular card shows the passenger’s last name, carrier name, flight number with two-digit airline code, date, route, onboard seat number, gate number boarding, scheduled departure time, boarding end time.

At check-in, a baggage tag is stuck on the back to receive at the arrival airport the baggage transferred for transport in the hold of the aircraft.

Obtain the electronic boarding pass

This card is sent to the passenger on a mobile device after independent online check-in for the Turkish Airlines flight.

An electronic boarding pass must be recorded and saved on a mobile electronic device to be presented at the airport and on board the aircraft at any time and without internet access.

This virtual document has a barcode and contains the passenger’s first and last name, flight number, departure date, boarding end time, boarding gate number, seat on the plane. If necessary, other information can be indicated on the boarding pass.

The passenger preferring to have the electronic boarding pass must be presented at the airport on the screen of a mobile device during the pre-flight inspection; at the boarding gate; flight attendants at the entrance to the plane. And during the pre-flight inspection, the passenger must also present his passport.

Paper boarding pass

It can be issued to the passenger after checking in at the airport, or the latter can print it after checking in online.

Passengers can print the boarding pass by themselves before arriving at the airport or at the kiosk set up at the airport to print boarding passes.

If the passenger is traveling with baggage, after online check-in for the flight, it is necessary to check in the baggage at the airport check-in counter.

Go to the boarding hall

The hall or the boarding room is the space in which passengers wait before boarding during stopovers or connections. Access to this room is reserved for passengers who have checked in and passed customs and security checks. In the context of international flights, it is in this hall that the Duty Free shopping areas are located.

Once inside, the passenger will only be able to leave this area with the authorization of the security agencies.

Quickly board a Turkish Airlines plane

The documents that you will most need to present at the airport are these two: your identity card or passport and the boarding pass. To avoid wasting time looking for them in the bottom of your bag or backpack and panicking thinking you’ve lost them, always keep them in an easily accessible place: retrieving and storing them is quick and easy.

For a quick boarding on board, you must also remember to prepare your hand luggage for the security check. If you are carrying liquids and electronic devices in your hand luggage, have them close at hand so that it is easy to take them out of the suitcase or backpack and put them back, and don’t forget the measurements maximum.

In many cases, this comes down to thinking ahead about the suitcase you are going to take with you: make it easier to open and close and allow access to its contents without having to juggle a lot. And, of course, be sure to only bring items that are allowed to travel in the cabin.
Avoid carrying belts, watches or anything else in your pockets, as this will save you wasted seconds in having to remove and put back the various accessories.

By completing the security check procedure, you find yourself on the other side of the airport, and this is where you should immediately start looking for the nearest screen to verify that the gate for your flight is not open has not changed.

Book priority boarding service

If you are one of those who prefer to board earlier, you can opt for the priority boarding service offered by Turkish Airlines, and there is the possibility of choosing a seat at the back of the plane during check-in online.

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