Dispute with Pegasus: file a complaint online

The Fly Pegasus airline undertakes to transport the passenger to the indicated destination at the right time, as well as to ensure the performance of certain services. The passenger, in turn, is required to pay for tickets, have the necessary documents and comply with a number of rules at the airport and on board the aircraft.

But sometimes the carrier violates established agreements. To compensate for the inconvenience and restore justice, it is necessary to know where to file a complaint against the airline.

Procedure for filing complaints with Pegasus

As a general rule, all consumer complaints related to violations of standards and inadequate service are handled internally by the air carrier itself. There are a number of rules regarding how to file a claim.

Submit your complaint request online

If non-compliance with the rules of passenger transport leads to a threat to life and health, a complaint against the airline can be filed without prior contact with the carrier. It is recommended to send a written complaint to the company with acknowledgment of receipt. This will help you defend your rights and can be used as strong evidence in a lawsuit. Submit your complaint to Pegasus Customer Service through an online form.

Report a problem or a dispute, and claim your rights to FlyPGS by phone

If you do not know where to file a complaint against the airline, you can call the carrier’s hotline and describe the situation.

Pegasus Delayed Flight Claim

For the duration of the flight delay, the airline undertakes to ensure the security of baggage and to send passengers with children under the age of seven to the mother-child toilet. Other carrier actions depend on the wait time:

– More than 2 hours

After this time, passengers should be offered drinks, as well as the option of two free calls or emails.

– More than 4 hours

Pegasus employees are required to provide passengers with hot meals, which are then served every 6 hours during the day and 8 hours at night.

– More than 6 hours or 8 hours

With such a long delay, passengers are accommodated in nearby hotels or hotels.

The above services are free of charge and their implementation is indicated at the legislative level, regardless of the reason for the flight delay. Despite the drinks, food served and the possibility of settling in the hotel, a flight delay leads to inconvenience and loss of money. You have the right to ask the airline for a claim and demand compensation for damages, attaching copies of travel tickets and other documents confirming the loss.

The complaint can be presented in person or sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Keep a copy of the claim: If the carrier refuses to pay the damages, you have the option of taking drastic action, such as suing the airline for flight delay. The right to reimbursement is valid for six months from the date of the flight.

Claim a ticket refund at Pegasus

There are a number of cases where a passenger can partially or fully refund the money spent on the purchase of an air ticket. Refunds are most often made at the point of ticket purchase.

A full refund is possible for the following reasons:

– Flight cancellation or delay;

– Unforeseen change in the flight route;

– Lack of free places on board due to overbooking. This situation is possible if more tickets have been sold than the aircraft or one of the seat classes can accommodate. You can also cancel your flight and get a refund if you are offered a seat in a class lower than that indicated on your ticket;

– In case of delay on board the aircraft due to the fault of airport employees. This happens if you showed up for check-in on time, but spent a long time in the inspection area or at baggage check;

– Illness or sudden death of the passenger himself or of his relative, who was to travel on the same flight. In this case, you must provide documents confirming the fact of these circumstances;

– An error in the issue of the ticket made by the seller;

– When returning the ticket more than one day before departure;

If you are late for the flight due to the fault of the passenger, it will not be possible to get a refund from Pegasus.

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    I want to complain about what happend to me in aireport istanbul sabiha Gokcen counter C 6 the flight pc 614 to doha ,the staff told me my buggage 20 kg not included in my tickt and i have paid that in doha before and i need to pay again 40 euro to take my luggage and i agree for that and i tell him its ok and i trust him and i give him my card but he take 260 euro from card i know it only when i arrive to doha thats not fair for big company has staff doing like this to the customer i want my money return back and i can send you the transaction exactly what time there and check by camera thats not fair and big transmit ,i need who to disssued with him about my issue and thanks to reply to me soon as possible

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