Dispute with Pegasus: file a complaint online

The Fly Pegasus airline undertakes to transport the passenger to the indicated destination at the right time, as well as to ensure the performance of certain services. The passenger, in turn, is required to pay for tickets, have the necessary documents and comply with a number of rules at the airport and on board the aircraft.

But sometimes the carrier violates established agreements. To compensate for the inconvenience and restore justice, it is necessary to know where to file a complaint against the airline.

Procedure for filing complaints with Pegasus

As a general rule, all consumer complaints related to violations of standards and inadequate service are handled internally by the air carrier itself. There are a number of rules regarding how to file a claim.

Submit your complaint request online

If non-compliance with the rules of passenger transport leads to a threat to life and health, a complaint against the airline can be filed without prior contact with the carrier. It is recommended to send a written complaint to the company with acknowledgment of receipt. This will help you defend your rights and can be used as strong evidence in a lawsuit. Submit your complaint to Pegasus Customer Service through an online form.

Report a problem or a dispute, and claim your rights to FlyPGS by phone

If you do not know where to file a complaint against the airline, you can call the carrier’s hotline and describe the situation.

Pegasus Delayed Flight Claim

For the duration of the flight delay, the airline undertakes to ensure the security of baggage and to send passengers with children under the age of seven to the mother-child toilet. Other carrier actions depend on the wait time:

– More than 2 hours

After this time, passengers should be offered drinks, as well as the option of two free calls or emails.

– More than 4 hours

Pegasus employees are required to provide passengers with hot meals, which are then served every 6 hours during the day and 8 hours at night.

– More than 6 hours or 8 hours

With such a long delay, passengers are accommodated in nearby hotels or hotels.

The above services are free of charge and their implementation is indicated at the legislative level, regardless of the reason for the flight delay. Despite the drinks, food served and the possibility of settling in the hotel, a flight delay leads to inconvenience and loss of money. You have the right to ask the airline for a claim and demand compensation for damages, attaching copies of travel tickets and other documents confirming the loss.

The complaint can be presented in person or sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. Keep a copy of the claim: If the carrier refuses to pay the damages, you have the option of taking drastic action, such as suing the airline for flight delay. The right to reimbursement is valid for six months from the date of the flight.

Claim a ticket refund at Pegasus

There are a number of cases where a passenger can partially or fully refund the money spent on the purchase of an air ticket. Refunds are most often made at the point of ticket purchase.

A full refund is possible for the following reasons:

– Flight cancellation or delay;

– Unforeseen change in the flight route;

– Lack of free places on board due to overbooking. This situation is possible if more tickets have been sold than the aircraft or one of the seat classes can accommodate. You can also cancel your flight and get a refund if you are offered a seat in a class lower than that indicated on your ticket;

– In case of delay on board the aircraft due to the fault of airport employees. This happens if you showed up for check-in on time, but spent a long time in the inspection area or at baggage check;

– Illness or sudden death of the passenger himself or of his relative, who was to travel on the same flight. In this case, you must provide documents confirming the fact of these circumstances;

– An error in the issue of the ticket made by the seller;

– When returning the ticket more than one day before departure;

If you are late for the flight due to the fault of the passenger, it will not be possible to get a refund from Pegasus.

6 Replies to “Pegasus: Claim”

  1. Hari har Dash

    My daughter on 19th November morning at 00.30 got 2 boarding passes at Dubai airport to fly St. Petersburg , Russia. Dubai to Istanbul at 3.20 am and Istanbul to St. Petersburg flight which was at 9.45 am departure respectively. She flied from Dubai to Istanbul and reached there at 7.30 am. Then she went through immigration control where she lost almost 1.30 hrs due to long que and reached at boarding gate 30 minutes before departure of flight. But they didn’t allow her for boarding and told boarding closed. She lost her flight and they also left her baggage. Later when she asked airlines what to do now, they told they will accommodate some next flight. One woman from airlines kept her passport and boarding pass whole day to send her on next flight and told she can’t buy ticket. Then in evening told buy a new ticket. I bought new ticket for her via different countries because direct flights already left day time. Now Pegasus tell what I should do? Ask for compensation from them or sue to Pegasus due to her emotional stress? They sold her seat to some other person. I will drag them to court if they will not give compensation.


    I Sonia Kapoor, mother of two children, Rohan Kapoor and Rahul Kapoor. We had a terrible and disappointing experience on 9th February 2022 with Your Pegasus check in staff who refused to check us in despite all valid PCR test certificates.
    My flight was on 9th February at 12.05 to Dubai via connecting flight from Ankara. Myself and my 2 sons had our PCR test results which were valid for the flight. Our PCR sample was handed in at 14.20 pm on 7th February. In line with the airline regulations, all passengers should have a valid negative PCR test taken with in 48 hours of departure which we clearly did. Despite having a valid PCR test, The staff at check in was adamant that our PCR sample has to be with in 48 hours of the connecting flight in Ankara which is completely incorrect and therefore She refused us check in and suggested we take another PCR test at Stansted airport which was £40 per passenger and if the test comes out negative she will let us check in and board the flight. So I agreed to take the test again however, despite our tests results being available with in 30 minutes the lady still did not let us check in because by this time she announced that the check is now closed.
    The online check in was not operational and therefore I could could check in in advance like majority of the airlines offer.
    Pegasus check in opened 90 minutes before the flight and I was there in well before time. Your staff made a huge mistake and turned us away even though we had valid test results. My sons were crying and this has caused a huge stress on my life on what should have been a straight forward process. I had to purchase another flight same day from Heathrow airport to reach my holiday destination.
    In additional to the above point, my brother and his family was also flying the same day, Wednesday 9th February from Heathrow with Qatar airways at 14.00pm via Doha and they all were allowed to check in and board the flight with no issues at all. I must emphasise that my brother’s family and my family’s PCR test was handed in the same day from same place at the same time. (Certificates and flight details can be provided as proof) Despite them having a later departure time they were allowed to check in with no hassle.
    I am holding Pegasus liable for the emotional physical and financial stress it has caused me.

  3. Jon B

    I purchased an open ticket for my wife, son and mother in law because they were unsure of when they could leave Israel. I tried to book a flight and had other charges. When I tried to pay for the charges, my card didn’t work. I had booked flights with the card over 4 different times with pegasus. I had enough money in my account. I tried for 8 hours and called multiple times to fix the problem. As recommended, I downloaded multiple browsers, deleted my browsing history, and used a different card and nothing works. Since my wife and family needed to leave the county immediately, I cancelled my flight not for any fault of my own but by the fact, their payment system doesn’t works. Instead of a full refund I received around $200 of $800 dollar ticket. I purchased a new flight through Doha without any problems with a different airline. I don’t know how to ask an airline to improve when they don’t even seem motivated by money.

  4. Natalia Mosolova

    I would like to complain about aggressive behaviour of your employee (Mehmet K) in the Pegasus ticket office in Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen.
    I had two Pegasus connected flights (PC407 and PC396) on 26/07/2023. PC407 was delayed and arrived when PC396 had already taken off. So, I was stressed and didn’t know what I should do. Somebody said that I should go to the “Pegasus transfer hotel desk” or “Pegasus ticket point”. Nobody was the “Pegasus transfer hotel desk” and I went to “Pegasus ticket point” where Mehmet K. told me that he helped me, but really he just showed me the exit and gave the hotel voucher without explanations and without the new boarding pass. Also, I asked for him to help me with Wi-Fi connection (I needed to give info about me to my family), he said that no Wi-Fi, although there was Wi-Fi point in the airport. He said that had no time to sort out with my issue. He was very rude and shouted. I said that I wanted to complain and took a picture his name badge, he grabbed my phone and aggressively demanded to delete the picture. I did it.
    Finally, others people helped me with Wi-Fi.
    and the new boarding pass and clear instructions were given me quickly and very politely by a guy from “Pegasus transfer hotel desk” when I came back there.
    But situation with Mehmet K. from Ticket point
    isn’t acceptable. Such person make a bad reputation to Pegasus as the company.

  5. Shady Emad Isaak MikhaiL

    TO: Respected Aviation Authority members,

    SUBJECT: Complaint letter for Denied Boarding Flight

    I am writing this letter cLaim to make a complaint regarding your flight that I was denied of:

    It is not the first time to reserve & fly with your airlines.

    It has been brought to my attention that many passengers faced the same issue on the outgoing flights comming back from SAW to HUR airport on Pegasus.

    My baggage wasn’t loaded on the flight as it wasn’t also offloaded. AS; if you review the check-in time & especially Passing our baggage to the counter at 8 pm sharp.

    Which means dears; that we were OK before our flight time with 2 hours & 45 minutes exactly.

    The main problem here; that me & my family have reached sharply to the gate Boarding Pass at 09:50 pm before the gate closes with 30 minutes earlier & we were waiting to here our gate or even simply our names for the flight but the representative at that time for Pegasus Boarding pass didn’t even respond to my words & told me the ” I am a Laier twice “.

    It’s not acceptable by all means what happened; as that guy was soo aggressive in his way & my small daughter was crying & screaming from his way & words to her dad.

    Is that the right way for a respectable turkish airline to deal with that way with its passengers with their ÇOŞUK.

    Honestly; there was an intention of not having me and my family on this flight for an unknown purpose.

    But I guess you Pegasus did not consider our engagements or tasks important.

    I had a very important meeting to attend which I could not because of your poor service. This is not a professional way to deal with your passengers.

    We are not paying a handsome amount for such blunders. If we are paying well to your airline we expect quality service.

    The flight got me denied on board without prior information or even a Public announcement with my name, given that I had my boarding pass handy.

    Hence, my son Anthony Shady Emad, had been going through severe illness those days and we had to wait at the airport for 24 hours. No one of the staff members were cooperating with us.

    I am really sorry but you have lost your quality. I am never going to travel with your airline again. This was my last and worst experience.

    SO; I need to be refunded back fully for all what have happened with me & with my family

    I’ll allow you 7 business days to have my complaint looked through, you are kindly requested to have my refund considered for such a big fatal mistake from your side.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards;
    Shady E. MikhaiL

  6. Wajdi mannai

    Dear ,
    I want to complain about what happend to me in aireport istanbul sabiha Gokcen counter C 6 the flight pc 614 to doha ,the staff told me my buggage 20 kg not included in my tickt and i have paid that in doha before and i need to pay again 40 euro to take my luggage and i agree for that and i tell him its ok and i trust him and i give him my card but he take 260 euro from card i know it only when i arrive to doha thats not fair for big company has staff doing like this to the customer i want my money return back and i can send you the transaction exactly what time there and check by camera thats not fair and big transmit ,i need who to disssued with him about my issue and thanks to reply to me soon as possible

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