Taking a flight with a stroller? Here are the rules of Turkish Airlines

As a customer and passenger on a marketed flight and operated by Turkish Airlines, you can take a stroller in the cabin if it meets the dimensions of hand luggage in terms of weight up to 7 kg and dimensions of 55 x 45 x 25 cm If the baby has not yet one year, then you can take a crib or car seat with you that weighs 11kg or less.

If the stroller has a cover, you can simply try not to draw attention to it, arrange it as hand luggage and carry it in the cabin like an ordinary suitcase. Otherwise, you can take any stroller with you up the sky stairs, as long as it folds and consists of one part.

When you check in for the THY flight, you indicate that you want to take the stroller to the jetty. Agents at the airport will attach a baggage tag to it, then at the entrance to the cabin of the aircraft you will give your stroller to the flight attendants, and they will already transfer it to the baggage hold.

Pick up your stroller when you get off the plane

Most often, the stroller must be received on the baggage carousel with the other baggage. At major airports, pushchairs are sometimes arranged separately, but always next to the baggage carousel, or they are delivered with oversized baggage. Look around at baggage claim, if you see a stroller icon somewhere go for it.

Sometimes strollers are lifted directly onto the jet bridge, that is, where they gave the stroller, they will return it to you, usually this happens quite rarely.

If you arrive at a major airport, especially if you are flying overseas with Turkish Airlines, be aware that from the time you step off the plane until you collect your baggage with all the travel around the airport, passing through customs control, it can take a long time, sometimes more than an hour.

If you have a small child under the age of one, it can be difficult and uncomfortable for you to carry them in your arms all the time, especially if you have carry-on luggage. For safety, take an ergo backpack with you in your hand luggage – an indispensable thing when traveling with children, therefore, it is easy to carry a child in your arms, and it is comfortable there – you can sleep and hide your eyes from prying eyes.

Does stroller affect baggage allowance?

No, if you are entitled to free transport of 10 kg or 23 kg of luggage on your ticket, the stroller is not included in the weight.

If you are traveling with several small children, Turkish Airlines allows you to bring a stroller free of charge, in addition to the baggage allowance, for each child traveling with you.

Carrying a stroller on a connecting flight

If you are traveling with Turkish Airlines on a flight with one or more stopovers and you are checking in for these flights at once. Check with reception immediately how your pushchair is delivered. It can be checked in as main baggage immediately to the final destination.

If you have a long connection between flights, you can in principle ask to check in the stroller at each stopover.

Transporting a car seat on a plane

The stroller, most likely, will need to be checked in, so pack it well in advance. If your baby still cannot sit on a seat, in such a situation, it is advisable to take a car seat with you to the waiting room, and you can take it into the cabin as hand luggage.

The car seat may not fit in the luggage rack, flight attendants may ask you to check it in as luggage, or take it with you during the flight if there are no passengers in the back rows.

On some Turkish Airlines flights, a baby cot may be available, which is delivered in the cabin of the aircraft, you should check availability in advance.

If you take a bassinet seat with you, but you are going to check it in as baggage, you can try to say it is part of a stroller, then it will be issued as a stroller, that is, at the beyond the baggage allowance. Although some airlines and car seats exceed the baggage allowance, but not often.

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