Earn miles when traveling on Turkish Airlines flights

Miles & Smiles is the loyalty program of Turkish Airlines through its passengers are rewarded for their loyalty. Participation in the program allows you to earn miles and use them for various rewards.

Members of this program can earn miles for flights, when making purchases with common cards from partner banks, for staying in hotels, renting cars, visiting cafes and restaurants, as well as for purchase of any product on our website. They can redeem miles for airfare, upgrades, goods and services from many program partners.

Participation in the program allows you to earn miles and use them for various rewards.

Earn Miles on Turkish Airlines tickets

All subscribers to this program have the opportunity to earn 1 mile for every 1 TRY he spends on air tickets booked and purchased at the Turkish airline’s domestic agencies and outlets, on its website, application mobile or by telephone by calling its customer service.

Earning miles is not limited only to purchases made with Turkish Airlines. Members of this reward program can earn 1 Miles for spending 1 TRY with their BBVA American Express credit cards.

Earn miles when traveling on TA partner operator flights

For example, by taking flights operated by Star Alliance companies of which Turkish Airlines is already a member.

It should be noted that the miles earned with partners are accumulated with the points earned with TA, which allows travelers to accumulate miles much faster.

With the miles that can be earned on your flights, the status of Turkish Airlines passenger program will be improved and the subscriber can earn both more miles by making more purchases and benefit from exclusive privileges on flights and airports.

Now you can calculate online how many miles you will earn by flying yourself.

Earn miles with other partners

This is thanks to the expenditures made with program partners with whom Turkish Airlines has concluded agreements in various sectors such as car rental, accommodation and telecommunications.
By traveling with Turkish Airlines and other program partner airlines, or by taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by contract airlines, passengers earn miles and can use them as they wish.

Earn miles with credit cards

Miles can be accumulated not only by air travel, but also in other ways. The fastest way to earn miles is to issue a credit card from the airline’s partner bank. For each of your purchases, you will also earn miles on a monthly basis. In this case, the miles are not eligible, ie they can be spent, but they do not count towards obtaining or unlocking program status.

Miles can also be credited by other airline partners, such as car rental agencies or hotels. It can be spent not only on airline tickets, but also on goods and services from airline partners.

If the main purpose of using credit cards is for shopping, members subscribing to the Miles and Smiles program can also use them to accumulate miles which can be converted into plane tickets or any other service and product marketed by TYH.

The credit cards allowing the accumulation of miles are the following: Pasha Bank, Isracard and VISA.
Other Turkish Airlines partner banks and financial institutions: Citibank, CIMB, Capital One, Standard Chartered Bank, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Hyundai Card, HSBC, Axis Bank and American Express.

Accumulate and earn miles: Payment methods

To earn points in online stores, in stores, supermarkets, … just provide your Turkish Airlines loyalty card to the sellers or enter your Miles & Smiles program membership card number in a special field when purchasing order you make online.

If the program member’s number is entered incorrectly, you can change it by contacting the store’s call center.

The most common way to earn miles is to purchase airline tickets. At the time of registration, you must ensure that your membership number is entered in order to correctly credit the points obtained. If you don’t fly, they don’t add up.

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