Pegasus allows you to travel with ski equipment, find out about its conditions

Skiing is the most popular winter sport in the world. In fact, it’s so popular that it’s become an important part of passenger culture.

Pegasus offers flights to destinations throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. She knows all aspects of flying, including the importance of protecting your luggage including your sports equipment such as a ski board. So if you want to bring your gear with you when you fly, the answer is simple: Fly with Pegasus Airlines.

To take a Pegasus flight with your Ski equipment, you must know that it is possible that you are traveling on a domestic flight in Turkey, or you are flying abroad, to any destination of the airline network of the Turkey.

How to pack your ski bag for a flight?

If you are traveling on a plane that does not have checked baggage, you will need to take care of your ski equipment during the flight. To make things easier, you can put all your ski stuff in a ski backpack.

Try packing your gear in a lightweight bag that has two compartments for your skis and poles. There are bags that come with a strap that allows you to carry them like a regular backpack.

Now let’s talk about what you will need to store inside the Ski bag:

– You will need to bring a pair of gloves, a hat and sunscreen.

– Then you will need to include a towel. It will come in handy when landing and taking off.

– Don’t forget to also bring your ski boots.

Finally, you can add some snacks or drinks to keep you hydrated during long flights.

Size and weight of ski equipment

There are no restrictions on the size of this equipment, but rather on the baggage allowance included in your fare.

In order to avoid delays during the control at the airport, it is preferable to respect the limits of your baggage allowance.

Pegasus reserves the right to charge additional fees and/or impose penalties on passengers who exceed these limits.

Transporting ski equipment by plane: How much does it cost?

Indeed, Pegasus does not allow you to carry this kind of equipment in your checked baggage. The Turkish carrier invites you to transport it separately by paying the following costs:

The cost of transporting ski equipment on flights operated by Pegasus varies between 150 TRY and 300 TRY (or its equivalent in dollars):

  • Domestic flight: 150 TRY
  • Flight to Cyprus: 200 TRY
  • International flight: 30 USD

The rate will increase if you leave for a stay of more than sixty days.

How to pack your ski gear to protect it from damages during Pegasus flight?

Packing your ski equipment for transport in the hold of the plane is not always the easiest thing to do. There are several things you need to consider before packing your skis or board in your suitcase.

First, there is no way to guarantee that your equipment will arrive at its final destination undamaged. It can be quite complicated to have any type of damage repaired during a trip. So, if you have doubts whether your equipment will suffer any damage during the trip, it would be better to pack it in special packaging.

Another problem is the weight and dimensions. Although Fly Pegasus is not known for its weight limits, it still places restrictions on the amount of luggage you can carry. This means that even if you can fit everything in your bag, you should first check with your airline’s customer service about the weight/size limit for transporting this kind of equipment in the hold. For this, do not hesitate to call the Pegasus call center number: 0888.2281.212.

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  1. Maryam

    I have two questions
    1)I have a flight with Bokningsnummer: 79ALZ. I want to make a skiing gear reservation, but I can’t find the reservation process on the pegasus website!
    2) can I bring my skiing gear on
    Cardboard box?

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