Turkish Airlines financially compensates its passengers when their flight is canceled

You booked a flight, paid for it and even checked in at the airport. Now you get a message that your flight has been cancelled. What should you do?

Your flight was canceled without notice, what is the procedure to follow?

In this situation, the Turkish airline will do its best to book you another flight, but this is not guaranteed.

They may be able to offer you a refund of any money you paid for the ticket, as they will be obliged to compensate you if after the flight cancellation they will not be able to place you on another flight after three hours late.

If you checked in online before boarding, you will likely receive a phone call from the airline informing you that the flight has been cancelled. The airline will attempt to rebook you on another flight, but as mentioned above cannot guarantee this.

Passenger rights in the event of a canceled flight

In case of cancellation of a flight marketed by Turkish Airlines, you will be notified by e-mail or SMS as soon as possible. You can also check the status of your flight at any time on our website.

If more than five hours have passed since your departure date, you can contact Turkish Airlines for information on your right to reimbursement and compensation.

The airline reserves the right to cancel/modify the itinerary without notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances which cannot be foreseen with certainty and which would affect the safety of passengers and crew. In such circumstances, the airline may offer alternative flights or relocate customers to another flight, subject to availability, free of charge.

You must inform the airline immediately if you do not wish to travel due to the fact that your flight has been cancelled. In this case, you can obtain a refund, but your access to compensation will essentially depend on the cumulative delay at the airport. He must exceed three hours to be entitled to compensation.

Compensation for flight canceled by Turkish Airlines: How much can it bring you?

Receive compensation of €250, €400 and €600 if your Turkish Airlines flight is cancelled, whether you have booked an economy, business or first class ticket. This compensation is provided in addition to other entitlements (meal, snack, communication solution and airport assistance) under this policy.

You must submit your written complaint within 21 days of receiving notice of cancellation to retain your right to reimbursement. On the other hand, concerning the request for compensation, you can make it up to five months from the date of interruption of your departure.

The value of the compensation granted to passengers who are victims of a flight cancellation is not determined according to the price of the plane ticket or the class of flight, but according to the distance of the flight:

– 250 euros for flight of less than 1500km
– 400 euros for a plane trip between 1500 and 3500km
– 600 euros for a long-haul flight (over a distance of 3500km)

Flight canceled due to extraordinary conditions

If one of your flights is canceled due to weather conditions, this is covered by the insurance policy of your travel agency and/or tour operator. If it is not insured, the carrier will pay you the reimbursement or the services to which you will be entitled during your wait at the airport, including meals and snacks and telephone calls.

In the event of a flight delay for the same reasons (extra-ordinary circumstances), you must either wait for an alternative transport solution provided by Turkish Airlines or cancel your flight and obtain a refund, and you will only be able to do so when the delay accumulated on your flight exceeds three hundred minutes (five hours).

Was your flight booked through a third party?

If you booked your ticket through a travel agency, you can contact them directly to find out how to claim compensation. If you bought your ticket on an airline’s website or over the phone, you may be able to get your money back from the company that sold you the ticket.

You must include full reservation details, including departure/arrival date and time, seat number, class of service, fare type (e.g., economy, business), mode payment (credit card, etc.), reference number or, if applicable, name and address of the passenger; and provide any other relevant information.

It is always important to remember that the right of access to compensation is relative to the circumstances surrounding the cancellation.

For example, if the cancellation is due to a technical problem or breakdown, or the strike of pilots or cabin crew, in this case, the passenger can claim compensation from Turkish Airlines. On the other hand, if your plane does not take off due to bad weather, strike by airport employees, or any other problem having no connection with the airline, in this case, the passenger will not be able to claim a compensation to TA, but only a refund.

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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Name: Balachandran Subramanian

    I would like to bring to the attention of Turkish Airlines the following:
    I was booked on a Turkish Airline flight TK717 from Delhi – Istanbul on 18 OCT 2022 which was supposed to take off at 06:20 am; but it was delayed and had taken off almost one and a half hours late due to which I missed my connecting flight TK 619 from Istanbul to Marrakech on 18th Oct 2022. I had landed Istanbul just 15 mins to take off the flight to Marrakech at 12: 00 noon. Turkish airlines should have waited for the passengers who have already checked in earlier but they did not wait for me to board the flight. I was not given any sort of accommodation at the airport nor offered any lounge facility to use . I had to spent the entire day and night till next day at the airport. I was put on a next day flight i.e. on 19th OCT 2022 on the same flight TK0619 from Istanbul which departed at 12:00 noon. No proper treatment with the passengers who missed the flight due to airlines delay.

    Again on my return journey on 22 Oct 2022 from Marrakesh to Istanbul on flight TK620; same incident happened due to flight delay and I missed my connecting flight TK860 on 23 Oct from Istanbul to Muscat to Chennai and I was once again halted at Istanbul . Since it was early morning I had to take an hotel accommodation at the Istanbul airport on my own expense and I had to make another flight booking to reach my destination Chennai, India. I had to book a flight from Istanbul via Mumbai to Chennai

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