Transport of liquids in the cabin (carry on) of the Pegasus aircraft 

Liquid substances should not exceed 1 liter and leakage measures should be taken. Substances such as medicines or baby food are permitted to be transported in certain quantities and in their packaging. Security personnel may request to see the report documenting the requirement to use drugs.

Shampoo, liquid soap, perfumes, lotions, deodorant, mascara, toothpaste, hairspray, drinks, etc. Put these products in your checked baggage. You will prevent them from being blocked at the security check. But if your flight is long, you might want to freshen up. Consider buying travel sizes. In fact, you can take with you into the cabin: bottles and tubes of a maximum of 100 ml each placed in a transparent and closed plastic bag approximately 20×20 cm in size (freezer bag type). Open or opaque plastic bags are prohibited.

This plastic bag containing your bottles and tubes must be presented separately when you go through the security check. Do not put it at the bottom of your travel bag.

Products purchased after going through Duty Free security checks are permitted but must be placed in a transparent plastic bag sealed by the vendor.

Take medication in cabin baggage

For most medicines, it is better to carry them in your hand luggage rather than in the hold, given the temperature variations that can occur. Also, if you need your treatment quickly, it’s best to have your medication on hand.

The restriction on the liquids you can take into the cabin does not apply to medicines and baby food. Medicines that a passenger needs – whether in flight or during their stay – are allowed in hand baggage with a quantity greater than 100 ml, and should not be kept in a separate plastic bag. For baby products, you have the right to take your powder, a bottle of milk of more than 25 ml but you are not allowed to take water to be able to mix it afterwards.

Aerosols for the treatment of respiratory infections are permitted. The best is a prescription for everything, especially for drugs similar to narcotics such as drugs used in the treatment of attention disorders, opiates or analgesics.

You can take your liquid medicines in your hand luggage provided you present a certificate or a prescription in your name to the security officers.

There are no restrictions for solid medications such as tablets and capsules.

If you are diabetic, many questions arise to avoid a break in treatment during the flight: how much insulin to take with you? What about going through the security gate with an insulin pump? Talk to your doctor.

Carrying liquids in checked baggage: What are the Pegasus restrictions?

The carriage of liquids in baggage placed in the hold may consist of less than 5 liters and non-hazardous items. Liquids must be packed in such a way that they do not leak. If your liquid baggage contains more than 5 litres, you can get assistance with your transportation request from the Pegasus Helpline.

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  1. Cozmina

    Can I get my perfumes, toothpaste and makeup with me in the cabin ? I know need to be up to 100ml each. But what is the maximum quantity?
    Thank you

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