If your baggage is lost, contact the Turkish Airlines Lost and Found office to begin the necessary steps to find it

Have you lost your baggage while traveling by plane served by Turkish Airlines? If this is your case, you must file a claim for lost baggage at the counter of the airline that sold you the tickets, before leaving the airport, by recording the incident in the Baggage Irregularity Report (PIR). Also, later you can confirm the claim by sending a letter to the company’s customer service.

In the established claim, you must enter the following information:

– Airline data Name, company name, head office address and customer service

– Passenger data: Full name, flight number, telephone number, e-mail, …

– With this formal complaint, you confirm the incident and you claim the amount of the objects that you were forced to acquire according to a copy of the invoices that you attach as an attachment. For example: clothing, personal hygiene items, …

Turkish Airlines provides you with a tool to track the delivery or shipment of your baggage online. But that does not prevent your luggage from being lost.

The period of 21 days following the date on which the baggage should have been received to be considered lost having elapsed. the company contacts you to confirm that your baggage is lost.

Taking into account that, in accordance with art. 17.2 of the Montreal Convention, the carrier is liable for damage caused in the event of destruction, loss or damage to checked baggage solely because the event which caused the destruction, loss or damage occurred on board of the aircraft or during any period during which the checked baggage is in the custody of the carrier and art. 22 of the same legal entity quantifies liability for destruction, loss, damage or delay of baggage, limiting it to $1,000 per passenger (unless there is a special declaration of value).

The payment of euros in compensation for the damage suffered and justified, which consisted of indicating in detail, clothes, watches, perfumes, …

In order to report the problem, you can contact the Turkish Airlines Lost and Found office at this number: 1800.874.8875.

How to avoid the hassle of a misplaced or lost suitcase at the airport?

Baggage that does not arrive safely can ruin a trip. Put all the chances on your side to find yours on arrival:

– Remove the old labels present on your luggage in order to avoid any confusion during check-in.

– Inside and outside each of your bags, clearly indicate your name, the address of your destination, your mobile phone number and possibly your e-mail address. Labels reserved for this purpose are often available at check-in counters at airports.

– Remember to personalize your suitcase, such as choosing an original color, installing a sticker. You will prevent it from being confused with another.

– Watch the luggage arrival turnstile, to prevent someone from leaving with your suitcase.

– Was your suitcase misplaced or found damaged? Our advices .

Precautions against the risk of theft in baggage

As a precautionary measure, to avoid any theft of luggage:

– Take valuables and your house keys with you in the cabin.

– Prefer suitcases with padlocks, preferably working with a code. Warning: security agents are authorized to break the padlocks in order to be able to search the contents of the baggage… To avoid this disappointment, use a TSA (Transportation Security Association) padlock, with a combination locking system (code) for you, and a lock with a special key, which only security services can open.

– At international airports, it is possible to have your luggage packaged in blister packs. Offered by private companies or certain airlines, this service is chargeable.

6 Replies to “Turkish Airlines: Lost and Found”

  1. Muhammad Nawaz

    Muhammad Nawaz from Pakistan still i am looking baggage lost compensation almost six months ago i. Complain after that Turkish airlines sent me massage your payment has been made butt i don’t received any payments what going on replay soon as possible otherwise I am going to London court.see you there

  2. Anand Sarda

    I have traveled by Tirkish airlines from Mumbai India to Stolkholm Sweden via Istanbul on 21/08/2023. Airline PNR TGJE3J.
    I got delayed in my conference because of baggage not arrived in time at Stolkholm Airport .
    I missed the organizer provided pickup from airport and other organized things.

    • charles porter

      My suitecase was lost on my flight with Turkish Airlines from Gazipassa to Dublin on the 20/10/2023 we reported the missing luggage on arrival at Dublin airport to Swiss Port who issued me with a file referance number having not found my luggage after 20 days i have twice requested a insurance claim form and got no replay from Swiss Port i have since contactes Turkish Airline by phone who informed that i had to file the online claim form but iam unable to find this form on the Turkish Airlines web page help me

  3. Туркина Екатерина

    Hello. 15.07. 23 Documents were lost in a portvane on the rights of the name Turkina Ekaterina Alekseevna. Credit card (**6735) documents for the Audi Q7. Hello. 15.07. 23 Documents were lost in a portvane on the rights of the name Turkina Ekaterina Alekseevna. Credit card (**6735) documents for the Audi Q7.

  4. DrakePatrick Mirembe

    Dear Turkish Airline,
    On 25th Oct, 2022 i traveled to Senegal from Entebbe for a conference, my Luggage did not arrive in Dakar. I completed the complaint form. Passage name Drake Patrick Mirembe. I am not scheduled to return back to Uganda on 29th oct, 2022. I have not received my bag.. neither being supported by the airline to get person effects. I have had to buy cloths and other items for the meeting.

    How i am going to compensated? what happens when my leave Senegal before my bag arrives here? Guidance is well.

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