Corendon Airlines Flight Delay: When Can Passengers Get Compensation?

Long delays displayed on Corendon Airlines flights due to pilot or cabin crew strikes, technical failure,… passengers have rights. But for a large majority of them, they do not know them and often tend to confuse reimbursement and compensation.

Passenger rights are set at the international level by two conventions, Warsaw and Montreal, but also by much more protective European regulations. The European regulation applies to all passengers taking off from a country in the Union, but also from Iceland, Norway or Switzerland, regardless of the company, or passengers taking off to the EU from from a non-member state,

Air carriers including Corendon must inform the passenger of their rights. In the event of a flight delayed on departure by at least three hours, a notice containing, in particular, the rules for compensation and assistance must be presented to the passenger.

Excessive delay recorded on the flight before departure

Your flight was five hours late? It is then up to Corendon Airlines to come back to you to refund your ticket if you prefer to give up your reservation and no longer continue your trip with the Turkish company. This rule applies to all flights operated by the Turkish Air Carrier.

The procedure to follow is identical in the case of a trip organized by a tour operator, but the procedures may take longer.

European legislation thus provides for the obligation for each airline to provide its passengers with information on the compensation provided for flight delays or cancellations. However, some do not. The companies have no interest in communicating on this, regrets Elodie Riffaut. In addition, each of them has its own compensation procedure: sending registered mail, form to fill out on a website, phone call.

Monetary compensation may be collected by the passenger

Passengers who have booked a flight from an airport in the European Union via a European company can claim compensation in the event of a delay, even if it occurred on a flight operated outside European territory by a foreign company, such as this is the case of Corendon Airlines.

Except in extraordinary circumstances such as weather conditions, security risks, strike by air traffic controllers, … the passenger who suffers a delay of more than three hours on arrival has the same rights as in the event of cancellation, in particular in term of compensation.

There is also an indemnity ranging from 250 to 600 € in addition to the reimbursement of these tickets, a compensatory indemnity to repair the damage suffered by the passengers. In detail, you can benefit from a payment of 250 € for flights of less than 1500 km, 400 € for flights of 1500 to 3500 km, and 600 € for all flights beyond this distance.

If you opt for a re-routing because you have decided to cancel your reservation after the long delay recorded on your flight, the airline must bear all of your hotel and catering costs, until your arrival at final destination. You are also entitled to two telephone calls. On the other hand, if you choose to reimburse your plane ticket, the airline is then released from its obligation to cover your hotel and catering costs.

In order not to lose your right to compensation, you must keep the travel documents relating to your delayed flight

– Flight ticket

– Reservation confirmation

– Boarding pass (if received)

– Certificate issued by the carrier and relating to an incident (optional)

– Baggage tags (optional)

– Receipts justifying expenses incurred (optional)

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