BolBol Shop: Pegasus’ online platform to earn miles with every purchase

Pegasus BolBol Shop is a platform on which members of the Turkish company’s loyalty program must go to accumulate and register their miles by making online purchases from the sites of the various brands and Pegasus partner shops.

To benefit from and earn miles, you must be logged into your BolBol account at the time of purchase, and the miles are systematically credited to your account after each purchase validated by your credit card or PEP prepaid card.

Buying from the BolBol Shop platform: Many advantages are brought to customers. There are more than fifty brands available on the BolBol Shop platform selling thousands of products. Miles are awarded to buyers, the number of which differs from one store to another.

The points awarded to buyers differ from store to store. They are calculated according to their rates excluding VAT. The minimum number of miles to be earned is one BolBol point for 1 TL paid when purchasing a product.

It takes a month and a half to two months and fifteen days for the points you have earned following your purchases made on the BolBol Shop platform to be credited to your account.

If you ever find that these points have not been paid to you after the expiry of this period, you must immediately file a complaint to Pegasus BolBol.

To be able to use their miles, members of the BolBol program need only be logged into their subscriber accounts at the time of purchase of any slotted product on the BolBol Shop platform. They can in this way make payments using their BolPoints.

For members with an insufficient number of miles, they can use their points to pay for their purchase, and pay the remaining amount in cash.

Use and exploit your Bolpoints

By directing your spending to BolBol Shop program partners, you can get more benefits and increase your right to receive free airfare with your award tickets.

In order to allow its customers to use their miles in complete security, they must first identify themselves to their BolPoints account using their telephone number and a six-digit password.

Purchases from partners must be fully paid for online, purchases paid at outlets and the courier upon delivery of goods are not taken into account when determining the winners of the promotion.

The miles accumulated for purchases at the same partner and at different partners are added together. It is the total number of miles accumulated that affects the possibility of becoming a winner of the promotion.

Brands BolPoints (Miles/TL) 0.5 / 1
Boyner 1/2
Hepsiburada 1/1
D&R 0.3/1
Amazon 0.5/1
CicekSepeti 1/4
Media Markt 0.15/1
Bershka 1/4
PttAVM 0.1/1
Morhipo 1/4
ToyzzShop 1/4
Joker 1/10
NetWork 1/2
Modanisa 1/2
Idefix 1/4
GAP 1/10
Penti 1/4
Mundo 1/2
D’S Damat 1/2
Marks & Spencer 1/10
Suvari 1/2
AVVA 1/2
Colin’s 1/1
Touché 1/2
Hummel 1/2
Sportive 1/2
Puma 1/2
Yalispor 1/2
Desa 1/4
Hotic 1/4
Reebok 1/4

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