Flight cancellation request: Are there any fees to pay?

If you have booked a Corendon Airlines flight ticket, but approaching the flight date, your plans have changed due to accident, illness, natural disaster hitting your city or the destination of your trip, war, .. It is possible to cancel the flight within 24 hours of purchase without any penalty or other fine. This only applies to flights booked with the Turkish airline.

In some cases, the cancellation of a ticket issued by Corendon Airlines will not give you any refund and in other cases it will depend on the price of the ticket and the period in which your cancellation request was made.

Cancel a plane ticket and get a refund

Corendon Airlines should be able to offer you a full refund if you decide to cancel your ticket less than 24 hours after payment, or if you have booked your flight with the Flex or Premium fare.

By canceling his reservation, the passenger seeks to be reimbursed for the amount of his reservation, and for this he must be aware of the conditions of his air operator Corendon Airlines:

– The passenger has no chance of being reimbursed for his reservation if his request was not made before the flight. He will be considered absent on the day of the flight and he automatically loses his right to reimbursement.

– Assuming that the passenger is entitled to reimbursement, because this option is included in his reservation, he can only reimburse the amount of his flight, but the airport, car rental and accommodation costs cannot be recovered, if an insurance cancellation was not added during or after the booking.

– Assuming that the flight ticket purchase was made by a tour operator, it is up to the latter to make and file the refund request with Corendon Airlines. Any request made by the passenger will not be taken into consideration by the airline’s customer service department. And if, for example, the passenger has added to his reservation made by a third party, services and products purchased on the Corendon Airlines website, on Manage my Booking, then these costs are not refundable.

Flight canceled more than a week before the flight?

If you have decided to cancel your flight when there are more than seven days left for the departure of the flight, CA reserves the right to deprive you of your refund if you have booked with the Eco or Promo fare, on the other hand, you get 50% of the ticket purchased at the Flex fare, and 100% of the ticket amount if you booked it with the Premium fare.

Flight cancellation between seven days and 2 days (48h) before departure

Cancellation charges may increase as you get closer and closer to the departure date. During this period, you can only recover 30% of the price of your flight if you have chosen the Flex fare, but you retain your right to a full refund if you have purchased your seat with the Premium fare.

No refund is paid to the passenger if the cancellation takes place less than forty-eight hours before departure.

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