Steps to claim compensation from Corendon Airlines after flight cancellation

Lack of pilots, shortage of ground staff, strike notice as the holidays approach, … many flights are still at risk of being canceled by Corendon Airlines. A flight can be canceled for various reasons or events: adverse weather conditions, pandemic, civil war, airport or company staff strike, …

In certain situations where the airline is responsible for the disruption of your trip, you have rights to defend, as an air passenger. You can claim compensation from Corendon Airlines.

Here are several scenarios and the procedures that apply in the European Union as well as in Norway, Switzerland and Iceland. The European Parliament has established Regulation 261/2004 which lays down common rules for airlines in terms of passenger assistance and compensation. The details.

By taking a canceled flight, the passenger can have compensation

European regulations provide for the refund of tickets in the event of a canceled flight. A refund that you must receive within seven days, unless the company offers you rerouting on another flight under comparable transport conditions.

However, reimbursement is not the only right to be defended by the passenger, there is also financial compensation to be collected when the passenger suffers this kind of inconvenience, of which the air carrier is the cause.

If Corendon Airlines notified you of the cancellation at least two weeks before departure?

If the Turkish operator warns you two weeks before the departure of your flight, they must give you the choice between exchanging your current ticket for a new one for another destination at the same price and a full refund for the flight that was canceled .

If the company warns you fourteen days before your trip, you will have to be reimbursed. You will also be entitled to additional compensation, which must be requested directly from the company by filling out a form on its website.

Canceled flight: What is the cost of compensation to claim from Corendon Airlines

This compensation can range from €250 for flights up to 1,500 kilometers to €600 for flights over 3,500 kilometers. You should receive the money in your account about a week after the request.

If you are notified the same day of the cancellation of your trip, you can be reimbursed and receive compensation or take the next flight for the same destination if there is one. Please note: in this second case, you will not receive compensation if the next flight leaves less than two hours after the canceled flight, but Corendon will offer you compensation in the form of a meal or free drinks.

Assuming that the flight is canceled due to a strike by Corendon staff (Commercial Aircrew, Pilots, etc.), you will also be reimbursed and compensated.

Flight canceled or suspended due to an extraordinary circumstance

If your flight has been canceled due to circumstances outside the company such as an airport staff strike, civil war, pandemic, natural disasters or extreme weather conditions, you are entitled to a refund, but not compensation.

In all the cases set out above, you will therefore be entitled to a refund. Only the presence or not and the amount of compensation vary.

The company is responsible for its passengers. In case the flight does not take off, it must either propose an alternative solution, if there is a flight which is canceled, that there is no immediate possible departure on another flight, or if it does not suit the traveler, to offer a refund solution.

Corendon Airlines must also pay compensation, unless passengers have been informed two weeks before departure or in the event of extraordinary circumstances, such as weather or strikes.

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