Air Freight and Cargo Forwarding Service with SunExpress

SunExpress has launched a new air cargo service using its Boeing fleet. For this reason, SunExpress Cargo considers it essential to increase its presence in the global air cargo industry.

This service allows customers with a commercial contract in various sectors, a solution to their needs for the transport of important goods. It is also available to individuals who wish to transport bulky items to and from any airport within the airline’s network.

The service is also available to transport heavy goods and products on flights connecting to domestic destinations in Turkey.

SunExpress Cargo, the company that will meet the logistics needs of its customers in terms of air freight. Its air services are operational throughout the year. The creation of this new division is based on the continued growing demand for air freight, as well as a growing demand for end-to-end logistics. For this reason, the Turkish company has decided to strengthen its own control capacity and to continue to progress in their air cargo strategy.

Transport your goods anywhere in the world, while taking advantage of exclusive rates

SunExpress offers several ways to contact you for detailed information about its air freight service:

– Tel: +90 242 310 38 41-42-43

– Fax: +90 242 330 31 99

– Email:

By choosing the SunExpress air freight service, you will have the possibility of transporting goods of large weight and dimensions, and transporting them from one end of the world to the other.

Book your service now by contacting the Turkish airline or its airline partners.

If you are in Germany or you intend to transport goods from this country, you can opt for the service of Lufthansa, a Sun Express partner. To do this, contact its customer service by:

– Phone: +49.0180.674.7100

– Fax: +49.018.0274.7747

– Email:

If you live in Turkey, and you want to send heavy luggage or goods to a Turkish destination, or abroad, you must use the following contact details to plan your shipment:

– Abroad:

Tel/Fax: +90 312 427 37 52


– In Turkey

Tel: +90 212 465 69 44



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