Maestro, A card for your reservations with Turkish Airlines wherever you are

When traveling in Turkey or abroad, flying is an essential step and the use of a bank card is generally necessary to book and pay the flight reservation fees.

For better protection and greater freedom during your stay, the choice of card used is indeed important.

Mastercard handles the majority of bank cards in Turkey and offers a range of different products. The payment of plane ticket, hotel or car rental taking place in principle before the day of departure, these are often substantial expenses to anticipate.

For strict control of the budget, the Mastercard Maestro card includes a systematic interrogation of the bank account before any expenditure.

This system can avoid unpleasant surprises, and you can be sure that the card is integrated into the online payment system of Turkish Airlines.

The Maestro card is an international payment and withdrawal card from the Mastercard range. As a card with systematic authorization, each payment triggers a request to the bank, which authorizes the operation only when the balance of the associated bank account is sufficient.

The Mastercard Maestro, a card with systematic authorization

Depending on the bank, this card is referred to as a Mastercard with systematic authorization or a Maestro card.

Whereas with conventional cards, the account balance is only queried during one out of three transactions, Maestro ensures each use that the account linked to the card is sufficiently credited. This card is therefore more specifically intended for customers who do not have regular cash inflows, such as young people or people who are prohibited from having a checkbook. A balance control card, such as the Maestro, is also included in the specific offer for fragile customers, which banks must offer to people in a situation of financial vulnerability.

Like all Mastercard international payment cards, the Maestro allows you to pay and withdraw through the usual acceptance network, in Turkey but also abroad. Similarly, like the other cards issued by Mastercard, it offers its bearer assistance services in France and abroad such as medical repatriation, hospitalization abroad, replacement driver, cash advance, legal assistance abroad, … In the event of an emergency, such as the loss or theft of the card abroad, or an opposition, a service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On the other hand, it does not allow you to benefit from the insurance and services available thanks to the medium and high-end cards.

The authorized payment and withdrawal limit varies from one bank to another. Anyway, it is lower than that of a classic international card over seven or thirty rolling days.

In addition to the plane ticket reservation, it can also be refused for a car rental. And it is not always possible to make purchases on the Internet. If your transaction requires a security deposit, you will not be able to use the Maestro card.

Travel insurance is included in the Maestro card?

This card also offers assistance guarantees both in Turkey and abroad: medical assistance, legal assistance or the payment of emergency costs in the event of an accident on the ski slopes. To benefit from it abroad, you must have paid for your trip with your bank card.

You also have access to an emergency repair service in the event of theft or loss of your Maestro card.

However, certain guarantees are not accessible with the card. Indeed, depending on the ranges of the card, the guarantees attached are different. And the Maestro card does not allow you to benefit from the insurance guarantees provided by Mastercard, such as: travel accidents abroad and civil liability abroad.

The Mastercard Maestro Card: What advantages for its users?

– Ideal for travelling: this card offers many advantages when buying plane, train or boat tickets or for booking the hotel at your destination.

– Tax free: since they reimburse up to 5% VAT for certain transactions.

– Mastercard EMV chip technology: Chip technology generates a series of dynamic data that makes each transaction unique and virtually impossible to replicate. This type of technology makes fraudulent use of the card extremely difficult.

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