Obtain the classic card, and unlock the advantages of the first level in the Miles&Smiles program

The first level of membership or the first status and the first card offered to subscribers of Miles and Smiles, Turkish Airlines’ loyalty program, allows them to accumulate miles to transfer them to free services, and use it to obtain products and items offered by the Turkish company or its partners.

The Classic card is the first that TA passengers receive when they join its rewards program. Indeed, this card has no other characteristic than to have the right to accumulate miles.

Advantages and privileges of the classic card

First, you receive 1000 welcome miles once you join the Miles&Smiles loyalty program, and you get the classic card.

Whatever the destination, for each air segment flown, passengers receive miles that they can tomorrow, when they have accumulated a good sum, exchange for the full price of a ticket or use them as a means of payment.

Earn miles every time you fly with Turkish Airlines and its partners. Just provide your Classic card number when booking your ticket and you’ll earn miles on all TA-operated flights, including Star Alliance member airlines. You can also earn miles when you book a car rental or a hotel room through its partner Booking.com

This basic card allows you to add miles to travel when you want, where you want with TA. When you enter the classic card code, all your purchases earn miles that you can redeem for tickets and additional baggage or upgrades. The more you use the card for your reservations, the more miles you accumulate, also allowing you to reach and unlock the high statuses of the Miles & Smiles program.

Redeem your miles and travel without limitation of flight availability, airline restrictions, dates or times. You can also exchange miles for different services such as spa days, hotel stays, …

Buy an upgrade

Depending on the type of ticket you have, it is possible to request the day of your departure to purchase an upgrade from your airline. If available for purchase, you will be offered several options for paying for your upgrade including payment with miles.

Buy award tickets

With the classic Miles & Smiles card, you can accumulate miles called qualifying miles, which can be used to buy free tickets, ie award tickets.

The classic card also allows you to earn qualification points which can also be used to improve your status in the program. The higher the member’s level, the more miles and other privileges they will receive for a flight.

Miles accumulated for flights are called qualifying miles. There are also non-qualifying miles. They are given for participation in promotions or purchases from partners, and are only used to receive free tickets. They will not be accepted to improve their status.

Miles to be earned with the classic card by carrying out transactions with Miles&Smiles credit cards
You walk around the shops, you try on and you know the price of your favorite coat. You receive points in proportion to your purchases made with your credit card. These points are then transformed into benefits to be unlocked with the Classic card.

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