Take medications in hand Baggage or in the hold on board Turkish Airlines flights

Passengers are considered ill or disabled when their physical condition requires individual attention, which is generally not extended to other passengers.

Sick passengers must undergo a medical examination before boarding a Turkish Airlines flight. The Turkish air carrier has the right to refuse to transport persons whose transport, due to their state of physical health, on the basis of the facts established by a medical examination, which may endanger the safety of other passengers and their property , aircraft or crew, or who may become a source of infection or discomfort for other passengers.

Turkish Airlines may refuse carriage to a passenger who does not report illness to Turkish Airlines Customer Service in advance.

If the passenger’s journey by plane is combined and/or served by several operators, must obtain the agreement of each carrier to transport the sick passenger.

If more than one carrier is on the passenger’s itinerary, any disagreement between the carriers involved in the transport concerning or the qualifications of the attendants must be resolved by the competent medical services.

Patients will not be accepted for transportation until all services have been agreed upon and the reservation has been confirmed.

People with disabilities who need to travel by air with Turkish Airlines should know that there are laws and regulations that facilitate the air processes while protecting their rights as users.

How do sick or disabled passengers travel on Turkish Airlines flights?

For passengers who must travel in wheelchairs or on medical stretchers, electric wheelchairs or if they must be connected to oxygen systems during the flight, … these must imperatively call their airline operators 48 hours before departure to report their needs to customer service.

Turkish Airlines has the option of offering pre-boarding or assistance, if passengers accept these aids, they must be granted to them free of charge.

For their part, disabled people can ask the airline in question for an assistant to help them through the airport until boarding, or they can bring their own personal and trained assistant, by means of a permit which accredits them as a check-in companion. and security.

The personal or company-provided attendant must be able to assist in understanding and responding to safety instructions. This should also help if the passenger has a motor impairment getting on and off the plane, or if you are unable to see or hear pre-flight instructions.

If the airline considers that the passenger with a disability is not fit to travel, the airline must communicate its decision in writing.

On board the aircraft (during the flight)

All Turkish Airlines flight attendants are trained to help their passengers, except when it comes to loading people from wheelchairs or stretchers onto seats. They may also help with meals, going to and from the bathroom, or taking medication.

Traveling with service animals (guide dogs)

Prior to travel, passengers are required to notify Turkish Airlines of the travel of an in-cabin service animal.

Boarding of blind passengers

When a blind passenger is accompanied by a guide dog, the dog is allowed to be transported free of charge in the passenger cabin of the aircraft and without a cage, provided that the passenger presents an official document on the special education of dogs for the blind

During the flight, the dog must be attached to the feet of the passenger, equipped with a muzzle and is not transported in the seat

The transport of blind passengers without an accompanying person must be considered as transport subject to special health rules and the carrier may require the presence of an accompanying person.

Embarkation of passengers on stretcher

A passenger who cannot travel seated in an aircraft cabin seat and must be on board the aircraft in a horizontal position.

A request for transporting a patient on a stretcher must be made to Turkish Airlines no later than 48 hours before flight departure the booking deadline must be set no later than 24 hours before flight departure.

When confirming seats and requesting a stretcher (camera), registration of transport and issuance of tickets must be made no later than 24 hours before departure.

The transport of this category of travelers requires 3 seats: one seat for a passenger and two seats for a stretcher, as well as seats for the companions.

The arrangement of seats and their number required for the installation of a stretcher or similar devices on board are determined by the air carrier and depend on the type of aircraft.

A medical report may be required by Turkish Airlines to accept carriage of passengers with special needs on board. This report must be provided and issued by the attending physician within ten days prior to the day of the flight.

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