Travel for less with Turkish Airlines by booking a flight with the PrimeFly fare

Turkish Airlines offers travelers several classes of service. The level of comfort on the plane and the range of services included in the ticket price depend on the chosen fare. If you’re traveling with children and don’t want to travel in a crowded economy, buy tickets at the PrimeFly fare.

This rate provides for a wider range of privileges: a multimedia entertainment system is available, a wide choice of dishes and drinks from a special menu. You can pre-select the best seats in the cabin at no additional cost. It is also allowed to make changes to the issued ticket without additional payment for the service and to receive a refund of transportation costs in the event of flight cancellation without removing fines.

Other Features:

– Baggage allowance of 25kg in the hold;

– 8kg handbag;

– Cancel the flight and request a plane ticket refund up to 12 hours before the flight;

– Possibility of change of plane ticket;

– Free seat selection;

– Receive 500 Welcome Smiles points.

A wide range of services and privileges are offered to passengers traveling on the PrimeFly fare. It is allowed to select seats in the cabin free of charge, to receive transportation costs in the event of cancellation of a flight without deduction of commission and to make changes to an issued ticket without additional payment.

This fare is ideal for those flying on business trips or deducting money from a corporation’s account for entertainment expenses.

At the PrimeFly fare, you get an economy class ticket with an upgraded comfort seat.
Free choice of any seat, even with more legroom. It is important for those who have a vital need for this space.

Your reservation and the corresponding issued air ticket have not yet been used, even partially? If you chose the PrimeFly fare when booking your flight ticket, you can change your flight ticket free of charge, if you find a better deal.

Be careful when buying a ticket. If there is even a hint that you will be traveling with luggage, do not take the basic fare, but take the standard fare right away. It will definitely be cheaper.

If you have extra miles and don’t plan to spend them on tickets or upgrades, spend them on additional services. Turkish Airlines allows you to pay for baggage, seat selection and special meals with miles. This is very convenient for those who don’t accumulate miles.

But you can also pay part of the ticket price with Miles & Cash. The coolness of this opportunity is that when buying tickets for miles, you always pay the fuel surcharge separately in rubles. And if you pay with Miles & Cash, you can even cover the costs with miles. The function is convenient for those who still have unused Smiles points and want to reduce the cost of the ticket with previously accumulated miles.

You cannot select different fares on the same ticket. If you want to go there with luggage at the Standard fare, and return without using the Basic fare, buy two different tickets.

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