Baggage lost at the airport: Freebird Airlines is responsible and must repair the dispute

After disembarking from the plane, many travelers are surprised not to find their luggage in the carousel at the airport. Some others receive their suitcases, but find that they have suffered a lot of damage and damage.

Fortunately, this case is covered by official law, and there are rights to be defended by injured passengers.

Lost or damaged baggage: Where and how to report the dispute?

Go directly to the baggage service of the company when you notice that your baggage has been lost or has suffered significant damage. The staff can then report the dispute and begin to search for your luggage or assess the damage suffered.

If you are unable to arrive at the Freebird Airlines counter at the airport, then you must contact them by telephone to report your problem.

File your complaint with Freebird Airlines by sending it by:

– Email



Lost baggage: 0090.2423.4919.95

Damaged baggage: 0090.2423.4919.95

Passengers should be compensated by Freebird Airlines

If your vacation starts badly and your luggage is not present when you get off the plane, know that you are entitled to compensation.

The law stipulates that you have three weeks (twenty-one days) to make a complaint in writing to the carrier beyond this deadline, any action against the company will be inadmissible, but the best thing is to immediately report that your luggage is missing. at the counter of the company you flew with. If, while finding your luggage, you have been forced to buy basic necessities such as hygiene products and clothing, you can present the invoices to the company and request a refund.

If the luggage’s are completely lost, reimbursement of your goods may be requested within the limit of a ceiling of 1200 euros per passenger. You must send a written request to the airline Freebird, attaching the purchase invoices for the lost property. If you do not have supporting documents, compensation for the weight may be offered to you, at around 20 Euros/Kilogram.

If your luggage is missing on arrival, you can purchase the necessary clothing and products to wear and use during the stay, at the expense of the airline. Keep purchase receipts with you so you can request and get a refund.

Freebird can sometimes provide you with a basic necessities kit or give you a credit to cover your first expenses due to the absence of your suitcase, but this is not an obligation.

Compensation received by passengers whose luggage is lost

Two international texts protect you if your luggage has been damaged during the flight or on arrival: the Montreal Convention for flights between two States which have ratified it and all flights of European Union companies regardless of their destination and the Warsaw Convention (for flights between two States which have not ratified the Montreal Convention or only one of the two.

Compensation can go up to around 1200 euros per passenger for the Montreal convention, when you can go up to 21.5 Euros per kilo for the Warsaw convention. “The information on the applicable convention is indicated on your plane ticket. If it is not, contact the airline to find out”, specifies the Ministry of the Economy.

Don’t fold your arms if the airline refuses to compensate you

If your carrier decides not to compensate you for the delay, loss or damage to your luggage, it is possible to file a complaint online with the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) or contact the Mediator. Tourism Travel to find an amicable solution.

As a last resort, you can go to court to claim damages. The protection litigation judge can be seized for a dispute of less than ten thousand euros. You have two years to initiate a liability claim against the company or in court.

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