SunExpress delayed flight claim: Find out how much the Turkish airline owes you

Delays, flight cancellations and overbookings are phenomena that we have been used to experiencing in recent years. Fortunately, there are rights and remedies to be had in such situations.

Delays displayed and recorded on a SunExpress operated flight can occur for any number of reasons. This is why nothing is planned for a flight delayed by less than two hours. During these first hours of delay, the sole responsibility of the carrier is to clearly and regularly inform passengers of the status of the situation.

Right to assistance and accommodation

After two hours of delay, however, SunExpress must offer a means of communication to passengers such as access to the telephone, as it must offer them drinks and food, taking into account the temperature and the time of day.

If passengers are on board the aircraft and a situation causes a delay of more than two hours, passengers must be given the opportunity to disembark. If the passengers remain on board, in addition to the means of communication as well as appropriate drinks and food, the passengers must also be entitled to a functional toilet as well as to a cabin that is either air-conditioned or heated, depending on the season.

If the delay continues overnight, the carrier must provide passengers with accommodation and transportation to and from the airport free of charge.

Major flight delays entitle you to monetary compensation

Compensation is provided when the flight delay exceeds three hours, and the amounts necessarily depend on the distance of the trajer.

SunExpress must pay a large sum of money to any passenger who is the victim of a delay greater than or equal to three hours, the amount of which is:

– 250€: For a journey of less than 1500km

– 400€: For a flight over a distance of more than 1500km and less than 3500km

– 600€: For a long-haul flight

Except in extraordinary circumstances such as the weather, air traffic controllers’ strike or security problems at the airport, … the passenger who suffers a delay of more than three hours on arrival has the same rights as in the event of cancellation, particularly in terms of compensation.

Delay of at least five hours

European regulation 261/2004 protects air passengers in the event of damage. In the event of a delay in departure of at least five hours, and only if the passenger renounces his journey, he is entitled to have his plane ticket reimbursed, to request payment for the return flight to his initial departure point in the case of a flight departing from a connecting stopover.

And even if he has obtained a refund, the passenger still retains his right to financial compensation. He can therefore claim compensation from SunExpress.

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  1. Ljubica Ristovska

    We had booked with Sun exspres company two air tickets with flight number XQ 631 SKP-AYT , According to the flight schedule, the plane was supposed to take off from Skopje to Antalya on 30.12.2023 at 9 am. All passengers were given a small bottle of water, a small bottle of iced tea and 50g of snickers. We had no official information as to why the flight was delayed. The plane arrived at the Skopje airport with passengers around 3:00 p.m. and we took off for Antalya at around 4:00 p.m. seven hours late. Where we can claim our rights and claim compensation for the flight delay and our additional costs. Thanks Ljubica Ristovska

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