Buy Turkish Airlines flight tickets with Mastercard

This card offers the possibility of paying in cash or in miles equal to the amount of the price of the plane ticket.

If you choose to buy airline tickets from Turkish Airlines, you have the choice between different payment methods including mastercard.

Miles earned can be used to book domestic flights and for international flights.

Book flights with Mastercard: How the payment procedure works

After entering your passenger information and card information on the payment page on, you can securely purchase your ticket. You can easily transact with MasterCard.

This credit card has the decisive advantage that you can use it in Turkey and all over the world. This also applies to booking flight tickets with Turkish Airlines.

In principle, you can use the Mastercard with the Turkish airline and also with all its partners.

Travel insurance included in the reservation

This card always has the decisive advantage that you often have the possibility of recovering the money via your banks credit card in an emergency. Additionally, you can often expect additional insurance benefits for your trip. Trip cancellation insurance, for example, ensures that you get back the money you’ve refunded if you can’t travel due to illness or injury. You should also not underestimate the possibility of collecting bonus points with Mastercard.

Mastercard includes baggage insurance and travel accident insurance. Transportation accident insurance provides protection if you are injured in an accident in or through transportation. But beware: you need separate all-risk insurance for damage to a rental car while on vacation, as well as liability insurance for damage to public transport.

Compared to transport accident insurance, accident insurance protects you better because its benefits are not limited to a single means of transport. Regardless of the extent of the damage, expect to pay a deductible. Always pay attention to the deductible part of the insurance, which is included in your credit card.

Book a Turkish Airlines flight with Mastercard Gold

The advantages of a Gold card are numerous, but it is difficult to see clearly as the offer is so extensive.

What are the advantages of a Gold card?

The benefits of this card are:

– High payment and withdrawal limits;

– Optimal coverage abroad;

– Interesting partner offers;

– Choice between immediate debit and deferred debit.

High payment and withdrawal limits

The Mastercard Gold credit card is generally reserved for demanding customers, so the withdrawal and payment capabilities of these high-end cards are much more comfortable than those of a conventional bank card.

– Optimal coverage abroad

The insurance and assistance package included with Gold cards provides protection when traveling abroad. Among the most interesting guarantees, we can cite the luggage guarantee in the event of loss or delay, cancellation insurance or assistance in the event of hospitalization.

– Interesting partner offers

Mastercard allows holders of their Gold card to access promotions with Turkish Airlines partners, whether Star Alliance airlines or shops, hotels and car rental agencies.

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