Corendon Airlines policy and rules on the carriage of liquids on board its flights

If you need to check in your liquids at airport security, you will be asked what type of liquid you are carrying. There are three types: food, drink and medicine.

Your flight with Corendon Airlines is approaching and you don’t know what to put in your cabin suitcase? Between the restrictions on liquids and flammable products, difficult to navigate.

Indeed, to ensure the safety of the flight personnel on board and that of the other passengers of the aircraft, the IATA has implemented strict and precise regulations concerning the transport of certain objects, certain articles and certain liquids on board the aircraft. ‘plane. To avoid unpleasant surprises during your passage through the security check at the airport, it is better to know and respect these rules.

Take liquids in hand baggage

– For this, the passenger needs a transparent, resealable plastic bag

– Up to ten bottles with a maximum content of 100 ml

Those who do not have checked baggage or require certain liquids during the flight may carry them under certain conditions.

In principle, no container of liquid in your hand luggage should exceed 100ml. You can only take enough so that you don’t have more than a liter in total.

One Liter bottles should be placed in a clear, resealable plastic bag. It is best to use a zippered bag, as sealing with rubber bands or bag closures is not allowed.

The following liquids belong to this bag: perfume, deodorant, shaving foam, toothpaste, wet wipes and creams. In order to avoid unnecessary problems at the airport, you should fill excess quantities in suitable containers at home.

Pastes, creams and spreads are also considered liquids. Drinking water also falls under the provisions mentioned.

An empty water bottle that you refill after hand baggage screening is acceptable. Alternatively, you can buy water and cosmetics from the shops behind the hand baggage check, which you can then take with you.

– Bring food for your baby and medicine in liquid form

If you are traveling with a baby, baby food is exempt from the regulations. Another exception concerns drugs.

Although the provisions are in fact regulated in a uniform way, the checks are carried out with quite different degrees of severity. If you stick to the rules above, however, there should be nothing wrong with even the tightest controls

Liquid products may be prohibited in the cabin

A half-empty 200 ml bottle won’t work. All containers that exceed 100 ml are not allowed in your cabin baggage. The only exceptions are medications necessary for the trip (prescription to be presented), baby food and drinks, and liquids purchased at the airport after the security check.

Carry liquids in checked baggage (in the hold)

If you plan to carry liquids on the plane, pack them in checked baggage if possible. Only flammable liquids are prohibited, you can pack non-hazardous liquids without restrictions and packaging regulations.

Liquids strictly prohibited on the plane

Some liquids cannot be taken with you. Glass bottles and alcohol are strictly prohibited, as are lighters with or without gasoline and other objects that may be delicate.

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