Flying with a wheelchair according to the rules of Turkish Airlines

It seems that the journey of a passenger with reduced mobility by plane is a bit complicated, especially if he travels with a wheelchair, but this is not the case when flying with Turkish Airlines.

As a wheelchair user, the passenger has the right to use the aircraft like anyone else. Whether they are traveling for tourism or for work, or for medical treatment, … Turkish Airlines takes care of its passengers. Even for wheelchair users who cannot leave their own seat, air travel with Turkish Airlines provides the best conditions in which these passengers must travel.

A wheelchair can be transported in the hold

Whether or not you are dependent on an on-board wheelchair during the flight. This wheelchair is narrow enough to roll through airplane aisles. If you are unable to get on and off this on-board wheelchair yourself, you will need to travel with your own attendant. But be aware that the Turkish company offers you a free device at the airport and on board, and allows you to check in your wheelchair in complete peace of mind.

Plan air travel in advance

That is to say, it is necessary to avoid unexpected situations. If you’re in a wheelchair, air travel shouldn’t be a problem, but good, timely planning is essential. For example, what rules does the airline you are traveling with, what rules apply at the departure and/or arrival airport? This way you avoid unexpected and possibly unpleasant situations.

Either way, you should contact your airline in advance. You must call its customer service, which can be reached at +90 212 463 63 63, to inform it of your needs, and thus give them enough time to offer you the device to facilitate your trip on board the plane.

Check-in of a passenger traveling in a wheelchair

It is important for Turkish Airlines to know if you can walk alone, climb stairs or if you cannot walk at all. Please state this clearly with your reservation. Based on this information, the correct guidance is provided at the airport.

It is always advisable for the passenger to arrive at the airport early, for example two hours or more before departure in order to have enough time to prepare their wheelchair for the trip and to be able to check it in without stress.

If you choose to drive to the gate yourself, you must indicate this in advance when making your reservation. In this case, your wheelchair will be checked in as baggage at the check-in counter and placed in the hold of the aircraft at the gate.

All kinds of precautions are taken by the agents at the airport and the PNC members of Turkish Airlines to prevent your wheelchair from being damaged before, during or after the flight. It is also recommended that you take all loose parts, such as the seat cushion and footrests, with you in your hand luggage.
If this is not possible, individual parts can be glued to the wheelchair.

When a passenger with reduced mobility presents himself at the Turkish Airlines assistance desk at the airport, he will be accompanied to the aircraft in a loaner wheelchair. Your own wheelchair will be transported free of charge in the hold.

Traveling with an electric wheelchair

If you plan to transport an electric wheelchair, you should know that it is collected at check-in. Regarding the dimensions to be respected in order to be able to transport this device legally, the maximum height for transporting mobility equipment is 86 cm on European flights. On intercontinental flights, it is 119 cm. It has to do with the space in which the wheelchair is loaded in the hold

What to do if the wheelchair is damaged?

If upon your arrival, you notice that your device has suffered significant damage, do not hesitate to go to the Turkish Airlines counter at the airport and fill out a complaint form to inform your airline of the inconvenience suffered. The latter will take your complaint seriously and will offer you compensation as soon as possible.

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