SunExpress has its own policy regarding the carriage of bicycles on board its flights

Although it is a fairly light object, due to its dimensions you might think that taking your bike with you on a trip could be something very complicated, but be sure that it is not the case. Don’t stay without doing that cycling route you dream of just because you have the preconceived idea that transportation can be difficult.

SunExpress customers can take their bikes on the plane. When you plan a trip on an airplane from this airline, know that your bike can follow you almost everywhere, including in situations you imagined impossible.

How much does it cost to transport a bicycle on a SunExpress flight?

The Turkish company imposes on each passenger wishing to transport their bicycle in the hold, to pay a fee of 50 Euros (99.99 TL if traveling on a domestic flight) on the day of departure, or in advance, by bank transfer.

Another condition to fulfill: the bike must weigh less than 30kg otherwise you will have to pay extra for each additional kilo.

Store your bike in a travel bag

Preparing a bike to take it on a plane is as simple as notifying the airline when you buy the ticket, so that it adds it to its data and you can pay the supplement, disassemble your bike and put it in the box, ready to fly.

Are you going by plane and want to take your bike with you? One solution: the carrying bag. There are all kinds, all sizes, … and at all prices. This will depend on several factors, such as the thickness of the canvas of the bag, the storage tips inside with possible protections, but also the weight of the bag or the presence or not of wheels to avoid you carry the bag.

If it does allow you to take your bike everywhere, know that it requires a little preparation. Most of the time, it will be necessary to remove the two wheels, and sometimes unscrew the handlebars to turn it so that it takes up less space. Beyond that, we strongly advise you to protect your rear derailleur, prevent your bike from resting on it, and place shims in the brake calipers for disc models to prevent accidental pressure on the levers brakes during transport will cause the pistons to pop out and spill corrosive fluid everywhere.

When you arrive at the airport, for security reasons, the crate will go through the control like the rest of the luggage and from there, the staff will transport it to the hold of the plane.

In terms of disassembly, it is not necessary to separate everything, as the boxes are wide, you will only have to disassemble the pedals, the handlebars and the wheels. You can secure all the parts to the bike frame using zip ties or electrical tape so they don’t move around inside the box. But there are also a few tricks: some people add a little more cardboard or plastic in the spaces that remain empty so that it doesn’t move inside the box, although other smarter people also use these holes to put on the rest of the bike accessories, such as the helmet and the water bottle.

Keep in mind that a transport bag is bulky: even if the bike is without its wheels and folded up, most of the time, the bag exceeds one meter in length. So be sure to check that the train or plane you are going to take accepts this kind of size.

There are transport bags with anti-theft. They are recommended, especially if your bike is of great value, … and do not hesitate to fit in it, why not, a GPS tracking system if you really want peace of mind.

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