Consult the map of destinations served by SunExpress flights

With SunExpress, your nearest airport could bring you to the destination of your dreams. The Turkish carrier offers hundreds of flights every week flying thousands of passengers to many dream destinations.

From Antalya Airport, SunExpress offers regular flights to destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia. The Turkish carrier offers cheap flights to take you to Adana and Ankara in Turkey, Aalborg in Denmark, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Beirut in Lebanon, Bermingham in the United Kingdom, Brussels in Belgium, Dublin in Ireland, Le Cairo in Egypt and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Here are the other destinations connected by SunExpress: Vienna; Billund; Hurghada; Tallinn; Helsinki; Nantes; Marseille and Lyon; Zonguldak; Eskisehir; Edremit; Bodrum; Kutahya; Ordu Giresun; Trabzon; Samsung; Malatya; Konya; Kayseri; Kars; Gaziantep; Erzurum; Elazig; Diyarbakir; Dalaman; Mardin, …

Sunexpress takes you anywhere in the world from Antalya

The Turkish coastal city, hosting the main hub of Sun Express, this pretty seaside resort retains the charm of its old town, nestled on a cliff facing the Mediterranean Sea.

Holidays in Antalya are worth especially for its geographical location, its beaches and its turquoise waters. Nevertheless, you will not fail to visit the Temple of Apollo, the main testimony to its Roman past. Moreover, wherever you are in the city, you cannot fail to see the minaret of the mosque, the symbol of Antalya. The charm of its old quarters makes the city very endearing. This little gem facing the Mediterranean is a hotspot for seaside tourism thanks to its dream beaches. There is so much to do in Antalya, with all the tourist, cultural and natural sites to visit.

Bodrum, another sublime city in Turkey, served by Sun Express

Compared to St Tropez for its aesthetics of a seaside town set between two bays and for its incomparable nightlife in Turkey, Bodrum deserves more than just a stopover in the coastal region of the Aegean Sea.

Its geographical location between sea and mountains gives the beaches of Bodrum Bay an exceptional backdrop while scuba diving reveals the exceptional depths of the Gulf of Kos. Its peninsula advancing majestically in turquoise water is as many invitations to swim on the many beaches that dot it.

But holidays in Bodrum are not just about lazing around. The region is too rich in history to leave the old stones silent. Imposing itself in the bay, the castle of St Pierre, fort built by the knights of the order of St Jean bears witness to the time of the crusades. The mausoleum of Halicarnassus and the theater, ancient remains have also written the history of this small fishing village, blooming with bougainvillea and oleander.

From these very well preserved remains, the cultural adventure is just beginning as the surroundings reserve with Pamukkale, the astonishing “mountain of cotton” and the site of Ephesus many other reasons for getaways in one day.

If you travel to Turkey, you must visit Ankara

Ankara is the second Turkish city, and the capital and it is absolutely necessary to discover if you visit Turkey.

Located in the heart of Anatolia, Ankara owes its rise only to the attachment that Atatürk had for it. A mausoleum is also dedicated to this immense figure of the Turkish Republic and its visit is almost obligatory in Ankara. But also discover all the other essential visits to do in Ankara.

Izmir, a city to see at least once in Turkey

This gigantic metropolis of more than four million inhabitants located on the Aegean Sea near the Gulf of Izmir. Third city and second port of Turkey, it was founded around three thousand years BC. My name of the city would come from that of an Amazon queen. Symbol of the Hittite kingdom, it has a millennial history as evidenced by the surrounding archaeological sites, monuments and remains scattered here and there in the historic center of the city. Today, Izmir is a modern, pleasant city, strongly westernized by its geographical position, and has a leading seaside resort.

Kayseri is a great place to vacation anytime

Kayseri was once the heart of the Hittite Empire. Its past punctuated by invasions has left a lot of monuments to visit. Kayseri is now in full expansion, the old town is gradually disappearing under new constructions. It is still a must for those going to Cappadocia or the east of the country, so take the opportunity to taste the culinary specialties of the area.

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