At the head of the row, window or at the back of the Pegasus aircraft, select your seat online

The airline Fly Pegasus offers online check-in for flights to Turkey, Cyprus and other destinations in Europe and other continents of the world.

But before definitively checking in their flights, passengers of the Turkish company can add additional services such as baggage allowances, and can also select their seats on the plane.

Choose your seat online on a Pegasus flight

Pegasus understands that many people don’t want to wait in line for too long and have no idea what their seats will be like once on the plane. This is why it offers its Seats on Demand selection service on the plane where its customers can choose the row in which they wish to sit, whether on the outward or return journey.

To choose and select an airplane seat , please follow these instructions:

– Go to the website of the airline you are flying with at least two weeks before departure date

– Click on “Select a Seat”, in Manage my Booking section

– Select the aircraft type (A320, A330 etc.)

– Enter your flight number in the search box

– Click on the “Search” button.

– When available, click on the small plane icon next to the seat you want to book

You can choose which chair you want to sit in during the flight, and your seat selection can be done in minutes on the website. You can pay online using credit/debit cards. The amount of the reservation will be charged to the chosen card and you will receive a confirmation email of the same.

Pegasus informs its kind customers that this seat selection and choice service is only available to passengers traveling with the ADVANTAGE or COMFORT FLEX fare. The service is not available for passengers choosing the BASIC or ESSENTIALS fare.

What are the best airplane seats?

– In economy class

This is where you can find the cheapest airline tickets. You will also be able to find the most legroom and recline options in this class.

– In business class

If you want more space than economy, this is probably your best bet. This is still relatively inexpensive compared to first class seats.

Choosing a seat online: What is the price of the service?

The seat selection service at Pegasus is not expensive. The passenger has to pay 4 USD only for their seat choice.

Choose a window seat

If you want to avoid any disaster situation, for example, avoid sitting next to someone who can’t stop coughing or sneezing on their shoulder for the duration of the flight,… Choose a seat near from the window in the central part of the plane. This way you can stretch and relax without being disturbed by someone sitting near you.

Window seats offer great views of the sky, but they can be difficult to access. We recommend choosing an aisle seat if possible. Please note that there is no guarantee of seat availability on Pegasus flights.

Seats to avoid on airplanes

If you can’t find a window or aisle seat with good visibility, opt for a seat in an exit row. Avoid seats in the middle of rows as they are more likely to be hit by standing people during turbulence.

Spaces are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and availability is limited. Please note that if there are no more tickets available after you have selected the desired seats, you will not be able to purchase them later.

Avoid the middle seat

A middle seat can feel cramped and uncomfortable. Most people will opt for a window or aisle seat instead.

Consider luggage space

At times, Pegasus may require all passengers to store their baggage under their seats. If you’re carrying a lot of extra baggage, choose a seat near the front of the plane where you won’t have to move around too much.

Opt for a seat near the toilet

There’s nothing worse than waking up mid-flight to find you haven’t used the bathroom yet. If you’re traveling economy class, you might even consider sitting in the back row so you don’t have to walk too far to use the restroom.

Basically, before choosing a seat, consider your sleeping habits. Are you a light sleeper? Do you want to avoid loud noises? Or do you need peace and quiet to rest?

Seat selection depends on your personal preferences. When choosing a seat, consider how you would like to sleep. For example, a window seat may not be ideal if you want to sleep during turbulence but would like to see beautiful scenery.

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