Flying with Pegasus: All the Boarding Information You Need

The Pegasus boarding pass is a document that you must have with you on the day of the flight. It is the card with which you will be allowed to board the plane on the day of the flight because it contains all the necessary data about your reservation and your flight such as the airport of departure and arrival, the day of the flight- round trip, seat number, …

Obtain an electronic boarding pass

With this option, you no longer have to have your boarding pass on paper, but only on your phone. You can save it in the memory of your mobile phone and present it to the airport employee when boarding.

Have the boarding pass on paper

You can print this document yourself with a printer (after validation of your online check-in) or by using the self-service terminal at the airport.

For that, proceed as following :

– Insert your passport into the appropriate reader. The terminal reads the data in seconds.

– The terminal will ask you to enter the first three letters of the city, airport or airport code next to your destination. Press the “Continue” button.

– Confirm the destination.

– If the terminal reports Passenger not found, it is recommended to press Ok and return to the main menu. This can be due to both a system failure and someone making a mistake when entering data.

– Select one of the reservation viewing methods such as a passport or national identity card.

– If the terminal asks if the passenger is ready to check in for the selected flight, click Check in.

– Then the terminal will report that the passenger is checked in. The screen will display information about the landing time and the name of the exit. After that, you need to click on the Continue button.

– In the next step, the dangerous objects that the passenger is not allowed to carry in the cabin will be listed. It is recommended to carefully study the list, it will not take much time. And click on the Continue button.

– Print your boarding pass and keep it until you show it to the gate agent.

Getting the boarding pass: Check your baggage first

Once in front of the hostess, she will ask you for your passport or identity card. She will also ask you if you have checked baggage that you wish to transport on board the Pegasus aircraft. You will put them on a sort of treadmill. She will stick a piece of paper on it, and you will see your suitcase disappear behind the scenes of the airport.

She will then give you your boarding pass, the precious sesame that will allow you to board the plane.

Security checks: A mandatory procedure to complete before heading to the boarding lounge

There is almost always a monumental queue. Tell yourself that this is the last big step before getting on the plane and flying to your final destination.

This is where you risk having any prohibited items confiscated. Know, for example, that you cannot pass a control with a bottle of water. You will need to empty it first.

In the queue, be patient. Then when your turn comes, you:

– Take one or more small white bins next to the treadmill,

– Put all your belongings likely to ring there: keys, coins, …

– You take off your shoes and your belt,

– You take out your electronic devices (telephone, tablet, computer, etc.).

Go to the boarding area

An agent will then ask you to show them your boarding pass and passport, and they will then wave you through the gate.

Sometimes you will also be asked to open your bag. Do not be clever and obey wisely, even if it is boring because you had spent half an hour organizing your baggage.

The biggest difficulties are over, all you have to do is go to the boarding gate to board the Pegasus plane.

Your boarding gate number is listed on the boarding pass. This document also includes the aircraft number, take-off time and destination.

In the meantime, you’ll pass through loads of shops like Duty Free. There, if you want to buy bottles of water or perfume, no worries about carrying them on the plane with you.

Once you are at the gate, you will have to wait a little longer before boarding begins.

Board agents will still check your boarding pass and passport. Then you will pass through tunnels, stairs, dark corners, and finally you will arrive on the airport tarmac to board your Pegasus flight.

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