Buy an upgrade to Business Class on a Turkish Airlines flight

If you have an Economy or Premium class ticket and still want to travel in business class, there are usually still options for this.

At Turkish Airlines you can buy an upgrade to a higher class during check-in: you click on the seat in the business class cabin and you see the price that has to be paid for it.

Sometimes Turkish Airlines will send customers an email in advance with an upgrade offer. It is however possible to request an offer for an upgrade.

Upgrade to Turkish Airlines Business Class and improve your travel comfort

Request an upgrade? The Turkish company gives you the possibility to do it online, in one click. Just go to this page and connect to the space dedicated to this kind of request using your passenger name and your booking reservation. By logging in, you have access to all the upgrade offers available for purchase at Turkish Airlines.

Things to consider when purchasing an upgrade

A paid upgrade can be an attractive option for traveling in Business Class. But it is good to take into account a number of aspects, such as:

– The upgrade is generally only valid for one flight, therefore not for the connecting or return flight;

– Generally, you earn miles and status points based on the original booking;

An upgrade may seem like a cheap deal, but not every time. As you only fly part of the flight in business class and do not earn any extra miles or tier points, you pay relatively high compared to a business class return ticket. But basically, it can still be worth buying an upgrade. Especially if the price is right, in almost all cases, you also get access to the Business Class lounge, additional baggage allowance and priority boarding.

Get a free plane upgrade

Receive a free upgrade? Imagine that this is possible through several methods:

– Buying an upgrade with miles is now possible. At Turkish Airlines You can buy a flight in economy class and upgrade to Premium Economy or Business depending on seat availability.

– Before leaving, it is possible to request an upgrade with your Miles, earned in the Miles&Smiles program, on the Turkish company’s website or by telephone.

Treat yourself to an upgrade before boarding your flight

Once at the airport, you are often in the euphoria of the holidays and you get carried away very quickly. Traveling in Premium Economy or Business is much more pleasant, especially for a long-haul flight. So, if you have enough Miles, go to the check-in counter to check availability.

– Choose the right period

When booking, the choice of timing is crucial. The business places are mainly occupied, as their name suggests, by businessmen or women and personalities who travel mainly during the week. By prioritizing weekends and holidays to depart, the likelihood of having empty seats at the front of the aircraft will be higher. Also bet on a flight in the middle of the day rather than on an early morning schedule.

However, school holidays should be avoided when the flights making the desired connections are overloaded, unless you bet on overbooking. At your own risk, because you are more likely to have to wait for the next plane than to enjoy a glass of champagne in a comfortable armchair.

– Arrive early at the airport

If spending hours in duty-free shops and airport restaurants doesn’t scare you, patience can sometimes pay off. In the event that the flight has only one or two free seats, arriving early at check-in could facilitate the process with some companies. Be careful though, in advance does not mean four hours before the flight, but more than ten hours.

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