How much hand Baggage to take in the cabin? Follow Turkish Airlines Policy

The maximum size of a cabin bag on board a flight served by Turkish Airlines, known as hand luggage, corresponds to the size of the stowage or luggage compartment of an aircraft. The dimensions and weights allowed in the cabin of Turkish Airlines aircraft for this hand luggage change depending on the class of travel.

Only one bag is allowed in Economy Class + One personal bag while Business Class passengers are allowed two cabin bags in addition to a personal bag with total dimensions of 85cm (40x30x15)cm. The weight of each bag transported in the cabin must not be less than or equal to 8 kg.

It is very important for a passenger to respect the baggage allowance included in his plane ticket to avoid paying additional costs. Otherwise, for transporting oversized or overweight luggage, Turkish Airkines offers a practical solution. It sells baggage supplements to improve the allowance offered to the passenger.

Items not to be carried in hand luggage: Items strictly prohibited in the cabin

Passengers are prohibited from carrying the following items in the aircraft cabin:

– Firearms and ammunition

Another weapon capable of inflicting injuries like firearms including pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, … Copies and imitations of firearms; firearm components; pneumatic guns and shotguns; signal guns; starting guns; toy guns of all kinds. industrial guns; crossbows, catapults, underwater guns; devices for the humane slaughter of animals; electric shocks and stuns; energy weapons; lighters in the form of firearms.

Turkish Airlines also rejects all baggage carrying sharp objects and edged weapons such as axes, cleavers, arrows, darts, pliers, hooks such as levers and nail pullers, spiked surfaces, harpoons, spears, icicles, switchblades and common knives with blades of any length, ceremonial knives and daggers, religious knives, hunting knives; knives in any material such as iron, ceramics and polymers.
Dangerous razor blades cannot be carried in carry-on baggage such as sabres, swords, tridents, machetes, or scalpels such as scissors with blades of any length.

Ski poles including throwing stars and knives; or sharp objects such as Swiss Army knives, screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, saws, drills and other carpentry and locksmith tools are also prohibited in hand luggage.

Blunt objects capable of causing injury to passengers or cabin crew such as tennis rackets, baseless, cricket and softball bats, police truncheons of any kind, golf clubs, hockey.

– Other items prohibited in the cabin

Explosive and combustible substances including ammunition, capsules, detonators, parts of explosive devices, military equipment, gas containers with any hydrocarbon gas, as well as oxygen, fireworks, lights signals and other pyrotechnics, matches such as smoke generators and spare parts therefor.
Chemical reagents and poisonous substances like the components of chemical production and poisonous substances that can harm the health of passengers and crew of the aircraft. Acids and alkalis, acid batteries, corrosive substances, mercury, chlorine.

Pepper spray for self-defense, tear gas or radioactive materials, including medical device materials, or any kind of poison such as biologically hazardous substances, fire extinguishers such as any sharp object that is in checked baggage must be carefully packaged to prevent possible injury to airport and airline personnel.

Liquids in hand baggage

The transport of liquids in hand luggage is mainly regulated by airport law. At airports in the Federation of Turkey, there are restrictions on the amount of liquids, gels and aerosols in hand luggage. These restrictions apply to water, beverages, soups, syrups, honey, preserves, creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, sprays, gels, cans, deodorants, pastes, mixtures of liquids and solids, mascara and other similar substances.

All these products and substances can be transported on board the aircraft in containers not exceeding 100 ml. The containers should be placed in a tightly closed transparent plastic bag and the total volume should not exceed one litre. This means that you can carry ten liter bottles with you. If the volume of the bottle is greater than this volume, it will not be allowed to be transported by plane, even if the container is partially filled.

Other special items that can be carried in the cabin

– Medications

Which are prescribed by a doctor and necessary during the flight, in the form of medicine, ointment or gel up to 100 ml, insulin, medical supplies. If necessary, the passenger should be prepared to document that these medications will be needed during the flight.

– Empty containers

Cups, mugs, baby bottles, laboratory test tubes, beakers.

– Dry cosmetics and toiletries

Sanitary napkins, tampons, napkins, talc, contact lenses with a solution not exceeding 100 ml.

– Food in liquid form

If they are needed during the flight and the passenger can confirm this with documents.

– Baby food

Milk, water, juice, purees, cereals, yogurts, dry mixes. Turkish Airlines may make an exception for the carriage of baby food. For example, breast milk, drugs can be carried in the volume necessary for flight and in containers with a volume of 100 ml.

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