File a claim against Turkish Airlines for loss or damage to baggage

When traveling by plane, it may happen that your luggage is not at the arrival airport. whether they are lost, delayed or damaged. If this happens, you will need to file a written complaint with Turkish Airlines. The complaint can be filed online within seven days of the flight, and you should receive a response within 21 days of the date your complaint was filed.

Nowadays, waiting for the suitcase on the conveyor belt turns into a lottery for the passenger who cannot always be sure that his luggage will arrive in perfect condition.

Damaged baggage: What to do and what procedure to follow with Turkish Airlines?

If the passenger notices that his suitcase arrived at the baggage carousel broken or he discovers that something is missing from it. The first thing to do is to find the Lost & Found / Baggage Claim counter at the airport to report the problem and the damage detected.

The traveler must describe his situation to the staff at the counter so that they can help him fill in the correct PIR (Property Irregularity Report – baggage malfunction report), this is the main document that will prove that the baggage was damaged during the journey flight.

You must remember to have two copies of the form in your possession, one of which will be left at the Turkish Airlines office at the airport while the other copy must be kept, with the travel documents such as the boarding pass and the baggage tags to attach to the claim.

You should also remember to take photos of any damage found, as this provides evidence that can help expedite the claim process and receive compensation from Turkish Airlines.

Lost or Broken Baggage: Claim Methods

– At the airport

You must go to the counter of the airline concerned and then make a written request for compensation for damaged baggage. In the form, it is necessary to indicate the passenger’s data: first name, last name, as well as the postal address, telephone numbers and flight. Then the victim must describe in detail any damage to the luggage.

The passenger must also attach to the request a PIR baggage malfunction report, an airline ticket or a copy of it, a boarding pass, a baggage tag, an identity document, photographs of the damage, a check for the suitcase, if the passenger wishes to indicate the amount of compensation for the value of the damaged part, it is advisable to have written confirmation of the real value of his suitcase or his broken or lost items.

The airline representative should accept your documents and give you an approximate time frame and other actions.

In order to encourage the TA agents to process the complaint filed, it is well recommended to attach a copy of the report of damaged or lost baggage at the time you reported the problem. In addition, you must not forget to provide passenger data and bank details so that Turkish Airlines can transfer the deserved compensation.

– Online claim

Turkish Airlines invites its passengers who are victims of such an inconvenience to file such a complaint within seven days of their arrival.

Imagine that the same procedure carried out at the airport can be carried out online. Quickly and without contacting any agent or manager of the Turkish company, the passenger can complete his claim request and send it to the claim agents at the Turkish carrier, in just one click.

A period of three to twelve weeks is provided for the examination of the damage report, provided that the flight was made without transfer to a single aircraft. If the passenger traveled on connecting flights, the application can be reviewed within six months. Therefore, we advise you to be patient.

Although there is a right to financial compensation in case of loss or damage to luggage, the passenger should know that this right can be defended only if the damage is heavy.

Turkish Airlines accepts no responsibility for minor damage to checked baggage, i.e. broken wheels, lost securing straps, torn suitcase handles, as well as scratches, abrasions, dents, cuts, dirt resulting wear and tear due to prolonged use of the suitcases.

The Turkish company undertakes to compensate the loss, lack or damage of checked baggage if the passenger proves that it is not their fault. If the damaged baggage cannot be returned, the carrier will reimburse its value.

23 Replies to “Turkish Airlines: Lost and Damage Baggage”

  1. Naseem jahan

    We have missed our motorolla mobile and two woollen shawls whole travelling from chicago to karachi please send us claim form that we can fill our missing items and details.


    Hi I would like to know if my luggage has arrived from flight TK 1937 from Istanbul, Turkish Airlines.
    Today (26/2/2024) arrival at Brussel airport at 10.35am .

  3. Muhammad Khan

    Please provide the form to be completed for a damaged suitcase to my email address below.
    Suitcase damaged from flight from Istanbul to JFK airport New York USA.

  4. Mme Rachaporn Meelam

    I’ve my damaged baggage notification form at the airport after my fleight from Tblisi /Istanbul/Bangkok on th 30 – 31 Oct 2023.
    3 weeks till now ,I’ve heard nothing from the airline. Just would like to know what I should do next.I appreciate your kindness and concern in advance .

    tel no. 064 456 6897

  5. Marjan Ghaleh Barkhordari

    They forcefully checked my cabin size luggage in, even though it was 6.5 kg and the limit is 8-10 kg. I flew from Tehran to Vancouver with a stop in Istanbul. Upon arrival, they told me my cabin size was going to be delivered with a flight four days later. The suitcase’s wheels are broken and my two pairs of sunglasses are missing. I can’t find where to submit an online form on and the website specifically says they won’t take responsibility for broken wheels. Terrible service, very neglectful.

  6. Ali Nour

    My name is Ali Nour. I flew on July 31/23 through Turkish Airlines and out of three bags one of them was missing. I received my missed bag on Aug 2/23 11pm. It was refrigerated item so, when I received it everything in the bag damaged. I had a damaged baggage and I couldnt find where can I submit a claim to turkish air.
    I have all damaged item photos. Can someone please advice.

  7. Mossarat Qadeem

    I missed my flight 9n Jul 15 from Istanbul to Bogota due to Turkish airline delayed flight from Islamabad. Turkish representative at Istanbul put me on flight to sao palo and then by AVIANCA airline to Bogota but at Sao palo I was told that my luggage from Istanbul has not arrive. I was flying business class on Turkish. I couldn’t put a claim on Avianca airline as they say its turkish airline that has to track it.What should I do now.

  8. Christina

    I had a damaged baggage and I couldnt find where can I submit a claim to turkish air.
    I have all my receipts and photos of it. Can someone please advice.

  9. Ebenezer Inkoom

    I just arrived in Seoul from istanbul. I left Accra on 9th May by Turkish airlines , had a lay over for 17 hours in Istanbul and then arrived in Seoul today at about 18.00hrs by Turkish Airlines TK 00090 without my luggage that contains all my essentials .
    I reported at the lost/delayed luggage destination at the Seoul airport

  10. Vladimir Iakovlev

    Had a flights with Turkish airlines Moscow-Istambul -Atlanta with no trouble, however on the way back my two suitcases were damaged. Filled out damage claimes but no reply since Match the 3rd. 2023
    What should I do?

  11. Seyed Mohammad Hossein Mirdehghan

    I flew from Toronto to Tehran on April 21st and at my destination I noticed that one of the suitcases was broken.
    Can you please provide me with the compensation baggage as I need to buy a new one?


    Tracking Number: 2023039617
    File Reference
    DAH BCNLX20903
    Ticket Number: 2359565848612
    PNR Number: WDYCYN

  13. Abdur Razsq

    I find yesterday my 2 bag broken. I fly yerderday 14.03.2023 from istubul to Frankfurt. Flight no Tk 1591.


    Hi Team,

    I travelled on 6th February from Amsterdam to Mumbai, and I lost my baggage. I have filled multiple feedback forms and called customer service every day since then and tweeted.

    It’s almost a month now, and the bag is not found. I want to prepare for my return flight and want to buy my stuff and a new bag. Please help me with the compensation amount.


      Yeasterday 17/01/2024 my flight no TK7693 BGW/SAW. I did airport report address: Sabiha Gokcen airport arrival Hall Pendik turtkoy Handled by Turkish ground services. Colour /type- black upright design hard material. Damage/details 01- Bott/hole

  15. Vena McCrimmon

    I am looking for my baggage. I left with the Signature Tours group on Dec 6 on the 4pm flight.
    My baggage is medium size blackish duffle bag with my contact information on it. Please ship to the address on the baggage name tag.

    • Assad Hussein

      I flew from pakistan to istanbul then istanbul to stutgart looking for my bagage. My bagagge is not arrived on the airport bagagge section. I come an 31 oct today is 20th november and i have no clue where my bag is. Im calling to turkish airline for my bag they dont guide me what should i do. I also complant at the airport i lost one bag and one baby stoler then i receive my stoler but not my bag. I habe most important things in my bag plz do something
      Colour /type – Red maroon sport bag
      File reference -STRTK53396/31OCT23/1321GMT

  16. Mahak Jhamb


    I flew from Istanbul to New Delhi and My baggage was damaged by Turkish Airlines while transfers .
    Here are the details
    My membership Id : TK418770797
    Can you please provide me with the compensation of my damaged baggage as I need to buy a new one for

    • parwizi

      Dear Madam, dear Sir,
      I don’t need your courtesy, I need your responsibility! I’ve been trying to call Turkish airlines (+98 21 235 46) since 4 days. nobody can be reached by phone! this is not acceptable! I can’t upload the Damage photos over the Internet and nobody can be reached over the phone! the situation of Turkish airlines in Tehran is catastrophic, unbearable and totally abnormal

    • Ebenezer Inkoom

      I just arrived in Seoul from istanbul. I left Accra on 9th May by Turkish airlines , had a lay over for 17 hours in Istanbul and then arrived in Seoul today at about 18.00hrs by Turkish Airlines TK 00090 without my luggage that contains all my essentials .
      I reported at the lost/delayed luggage destination at the Seoul airport

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