Pregnant women can take Turkish Airlines flights subject to certain rules

Are you pregnant and want to go on vacation one last time before your baby arrives? Or do you have another reason to get on the plane? So you might be wondering what the rules are about flying during your pregnancy. Until when can you fly when you are pregnant?

Traveling and taking a Turkish Airlines flight during pregnancy

It depends on the number of weeks of pregnancy. You can board the TA plane up to 36 weeks or 32 weeks in the event of a multiple pregnancy. Please indicate that you are pregnant when booking your flight. And preferably, call your airline’s customer service 48 hours before the flight or more.

After the ninth month of pregnancy, Turkish Airlines refuses to allow pregnant women to board its planes. If you are expecting a multiple pregnancy, this limit is 34 weeks. Airlines don’t want to run the risk of you giving birth on the plane. There are not enough resources for that. There are also not the right care providers on board to supervise your delivery. And they are needed during childbirth, especially if any problems arise.

Between 28 and 36 the week or 31 week if you are carrying twins, you often need a declaration of pregnancy to be able to fly (a medical certificate drawn up by your attending physician, less than seven days before departure).

When to fly when you’re pregnant: The best time to fly while pregnant

The best time to fly during your pregnancy is often the second trimester. Most pregnant women suffer the least from pregnancy problems. Still, you can still move well and your stomach isn’t bothering you yet. The probability of air delivery is also very low.

Provide a medical certificate on the day of the flight

After the seventh month of pregnancy (28th week), Turkish Airlines requests a declaration of pregnancy.

It indicates that your doctor or midwife thinks you are fit enough to fly. It also contains your due date. The declaration must be signed by your doctor or midwife and is generally not older than five days.

It is useful to have such a statement with you. Without this statement, airlines may refuse you if they think you are heavily pregnant.

Your airline may ask you to sign a waiver. This lets you know that you understand that they are not responsible for any problems during the flight.

Declaration fit to fly

Turkish Airlines may request a fitness to fly statement completed by your doctor or midwife. They are not authorized to complete this declaration for you. The reason is that he or she cannot certify that you are healthy enough to fly at any given time. However, your doctor or midwife can provide you with a statement of pregnancy.

Is Flying Safe During Your Pregnancy?

If you are traveling pregnant, you may be concerned that flying could pose health risks to you or your baby. As you can read below, you don’t have to worry.

There are cosmic rays in the atmosphere. High in the air, this radiation is much higher than on the ground. It is sometimes said that radiation can be harmful to your unborn child. If you occasionally travel pregnant, these risks are very low. This risk only increases if you travel very often, for example if you are a flight attendant or a pilot. In such cases, special health and safety rules apply.

Airport security check

You can walk through the metal detector safely during security checks. The security scanner is also safe.

These do not work with X-rays, but with a “millimeter wave” technique. It is better not to go through an X-ray scanner (like the Body scan).

Are you in doubt? Then tell the customs officers that you are pregnant. These can tell you what type of scan it is. You can also choose to search instead of scan. You will most likely be asked to complete and sign a consent form at the airport, prior to boarding.

Risk of thrombosis

Anyone who takes a long flight has a slightly higher risk of leg thrombosis. If you are traveling pregnant, the risk of thrombosis due to hormones is slightly higher.

This does not mean that you are immediately at high risk for leg thrombosis if you fly while pregnant. However, it is wise to pay special attention to it. Stretch your legs occasionally, drink plenty of fluids, and do leg and foot stretches while seated.

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