Klarna: A practical means of payment to pay your booking fees in installments and without additional costs

Do you want to pay for your flight tickets issued by Turkish Airlines with a secure and easy payment method that also allows you to pay later? Then Klarna may be a good option for you. Thousands of people use this service every year and enjoy its various benefits.

Klarna is a Swedish bank and payment method that provides online financial services including booking airline tickets.

Thanks to its partnership with Klarna, Turkish Airlines allows you to pay for your reservations in a simple and clear way; often without having to enter all your card information.

For THY passengers, it is a great advantage to choose Klarna as a new payment method.

Using Klarna means opting for a secure and transparent payment service

Klarna is a professional and transparent payment solution that can be used on the official Turkish Airlines website.

With this payment method, you can pay directly and settle your booking fees or your purchases made on the Turkish company’s website by dividing the purchase into small payments or pay later without additional costs.

It is therefore not a completely ordinary payment solution where you can only pay immediately. Here you also have the option to defer your payment according to your wishes with Klarna Installment.

Turkish Airlines has integrated Klarna into its online payment system, which means that there are possibilities to pay for your reservations in installments, at any time of the year.

Paying for Turkish Airlines reservations with KLarna: What advantages for passengers?

In addition to being able to pay for your plane tickets or other purchases such as excess baggage or a special meal, … there are many advantages to choosing this method of payment. The most obvious benefit is to book now and pay later. Other benefits of paying with Klarna are:

– You do not have to provide your bank details.

– There is no risk of you being scammed and losing your money

– You can collect all your booking invoices in one place

– You can pay in different ways: immediately, in installments or in installments (up to 4 times).

Pay with Klarna and avoid worrying about money now and here. If, for example, there is a very good offer to travel cheaper, but the money you want on you or on your credit card is not enough to book it, you can opt for the Klarna payment method.

Klarna is therefore a very good payment solution for you if you live on a tight budget.

The Klarna Installment essentially works as a payment deferral – even if you buy and pay as usual. Therefore, the business concept is to buy or pay for your reservation online now and defer payment for months of different durations (4 times). You can even combine your purchases with Klarna’s installment payment solution on one monthly invoice. This makes it easier to track and you have the option to make installments on all your purchases on the Turksih Airlines website if you wish.

If you want to split your payment into smaller parts, you have several options. On the invoice, you will find information about the amount you have to pay the least to switch to installment payments.

Making fast and secure mobile payments with the Klarna app

You can make your payment even easier by using the Klarna app, available for free download from Apple Store and PlayStore.

On the app, you’ll find personal inspiration, exclusive offers, personal shopping tips and the ability to pay for your purchases whenever you want. With the app you get a complete overview of your purchases and payments. This is especially advantageous if you split the payment as before or wait to pay. Then you can track the amount still to be paid.

The great thing about the app is that you can consolidate all your payments in one place. This means that you can make purchases on the Turkish Airlines website, but also other items when you borrow the Turkish company’s partner shops. Then, all your payments, future payments, and installments are in one place, making it easier for you to keep track of them.

Once you have found the best deal at Turkish Airlines, you can proceed to payment by choosing either invoice or Klarna account as the payment method. So you are probably wondering what is the difference between the two payment methods? In short, the Klarna account is where you make your payments immediately, just like paying by debit card.

Create a Klarna account without registration fees

This solution is efficient for making payments after placing your purchases/reservations in one place, so you will always have an overview.

Before you start using Klarna to make your payments with Turkish Airlines, either normally or on an extended payment term, there are a few things you need to know. There are different rules and conditions for you to use this payment method as a payment method in Klarna stores. One of them is that you have fourteen days to pay your bill. In addition, you must be at least 18 years old to use this payment method. On the other hand, you do not need to create an account and a credit application is not necessary if you want to pay the money later.

Payment instructions from Klarna will be emailed directly to you once you identify it as a payment method. Here you can read everything to do. However, it’s very simple and will often be reminiscent of how you normally pay for items online. So just do as you usually do when you find the deals you want to book on the Turkish Airlines website.

If you have already paid with Klarna, just do as you usually do:

– Find the right offer and add it to the shopping cart then select Klarna as the payment method. You do not need to create a new account.

– Complete the order, exactly as you usually do, and purchase your flight or extra baggage or any other product/service offered by Turkish Airlines in one click.

– You will then receive an email with payment instructions. Pay immediately or choose installment payment. Instructions are on the invoice sent.

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