Discover the baggage policy at Corendon Airlines and its allowance offered to passengers

Every passenger who understands taking a Corendon Airlines flight in the near future should know that it is not only important to be informed about the weather and the tourist sites to visit during their stay, but it is also very important the baggage allowance that he offers his air operator in order to avoid any sort of problem during the passenger at the baggage check point at the airport.

How much should a baggage or handbag weigh and measure?

If you go to the Corendon Airlines website and simulate the purchase of a plane ticket, you can see the specifications on the allowed baggage. When displaying the detail of the base fare, you will see that it allows you to carry a single piece of hand luggage of 8kg in addition to personal items such as a laptop, camera or umbrella, … The maximum size is limited to 120 cm (25 x 40 x 55 cm)

If you want to take two small bags on board, you must place at least one of these bags under the seat in front of you. You can also carry a bag containing duty-free items purchased from the airport store.

You will need to put your cabin baggage in the luggage rack located above your seat on board the aircraft. Suitcases with wheels must be placed inside the rack, wheel side first. You should put small luggage, heavy suitcases and bottles under your front seat.

If you arrive at the airport check-in counter and you have too many items such as carry-on baggage or the carry-on baggage you are carrying exceeds the weight limit or dimensions allowed by Corendon Airlines, you will be required to check in the items and pay the corresponding checked baggage fee. These additional charges will be considerably higher than the charges you would have had to pay had you pre-booked the item as part of your checked baggage. It is not possible to pay to take more cabin items on board.

If you check in online, do not pass the check-in counters and do not arrive at the boarding gate with too much baggage or if the travel bag you are carrying exceeds the baggage allowance to which you are entitled, the excess baggage will have to travel in the aircraft hold. The surcharge at the gate is considerably higher if your baggage travels in the hold of the aircraft. Make sure you respect the hand baggage allowance included in your booking.

All information relating to the transport of checked baggage on board Corendon Airlines flights

For any passenger with questions about the baggage allowance offered by Corendon Airlines, and the number of suitcases to carry in the hold, the following information is useful for traveling legally on board the flights of this airline.

– Baggage weight and maximum dimensions

A passenger who plans to travel on an airline operated by Corendon Airlines should know that this airline offers a baggage allowance in the hold which varies from 20 to 80 kg (depending on the price of the ticket) knowing that each suitcase placed in the hold of a aircraft must be less than 32kg.

The suitcase must measure 160 cm or less in the form (70x60x30)cm.

Protect your checked baggage from damage

Baggage security is something that worries you when you travel, as surely you have heard of cases of lost baggage and theft of baggage contents. In addition to not neglecting your luggage, these luggage safety tips can help:

– Close the suitcase with a padlock.

– Place a label with your details on the outside of the bag, this will help you if your bag gets lost.

– Wrap your bags in plastic or kitchen wrap. With a roll of transparent film, you can pack your suitcase easily and economically. Otherwise, you also have the option of doing it at the airport.

– Put a strap around your suitcase, this protects it from accidental opening by the blows it may suffer from check-in and loading staff.

– A suitcase with four wheels is better than two, those with four wheels are easier to handle. If one wheel breaks during the journey, the others continue to function comfortably, while those with two wheels, if they lose one during handling, will be very difficult to transport.

– Put valuables in hand luggage, no matter how safe the suitcase and the lock, you better be careful and carry valuables by hand.

– A rigid suitcase is a better option, in this way the objects that you carry in the luggage will travel more protected.

– Use discreet baggage. Using branded luggage is a red flag for potential thieves.

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