Corendon Airlines allows you to fly with your bike for a fee

If you are planning a trip to your dream destination, and you want to cycle around its neighborhoods, know that you have nothing to worry about because Corendon Airlines agrees to transport you with your bike on board its planes.

Before traveling by plane with your bike, you should think about your different options. But when bike rental is not possible on site or you want to travel with your own equipment, it is better to anticipate the transport of your bike, to avoid boarding refusals and avoid breakage.

The transport of his faithful bicycle in the holds of an airplane. The operation turns out to be a little more delicate, but far from impossible. To begin with, it will be necessary to check whether the coveted airline offers this option and under what conditions of weight and dimensions.

Corendon Airlines accepts the transport of bicycles as special baggage transport, with an invoicing accordingly, which is fixed at 45 Euros.

The purchase of a suitable bike cover is often necessary to transport your bike, dismantled beforehand, in good conditions, with the inconvenience of having to store it once on site.

Opt for a large cardboard box or plastic film and bubble wrap to avoid breakage when boarding in the hold.

Traveling by plane with a bicycle: These variables must be taken into consideration

– Security

First, you have to choose your transport option in order to have the safest and most optimized solution for your needs. Several options exist such as a rigid box, carrying bag or cardboard box and each has their advantages and disadvantages.

– Cost

Costs can add up quickly. While many airlines offer to carry your mount for free, others will charge a fee for oversized baggage and some even go so far as to go so far as to charge an oversized baggage fee in addition to charging you for an extra piece of baggage. hold.

As this fee is applicable both outward and return, be aware that choosing to travel with Corendon Airlines, you avoid paying a colossal sum.

Transport your bike safely on board

You don’t need a lot of space to store your bike while you travel, but if you want to take it on a plane, you should prepare a special bag or box big enough to carry your bike and hold all your other baggage. If you have a hard case for your bike, you will be able to keep it safe.

If you prefer not to store your bike in your suitcase, several options are available to you:

– Bike rack

There are many types of bike racks, from simple plastic bike racks to more complex ones designed to carry bikes. Some of these mounts attach to the bike frame, while others attach to the seatpost or handlebars. Some even disassemble to fit in suitcases.

– Frame bag

This option works well for transporting your bike when you plan to stay somewhere for a while. It keeps the bike upright and facilitates access without getting off the bike. However, this type of bag does not offer as much protection as a hard case.

– Hard case

A hard case offers the best level of protection for your bike. They are usually made from strong materials like steel or aluminum. Most holsters can be purchased online or at sporting goods stores.

– Foldable bike rack

These bike racks are compact and fold down easily, making them ideal for fitting into small spaces such as car trunks. They are also lightweight and easy to move.

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