Freebird Airlines: All practical information on the services of the Turkish regional airline

Freebird is a regional airline that operates regional flights from Istanbul-Ataturk and other air hubs including the two airports of Antalya and Dalaman. It targets both the charter market and liner services and provides connections mainly to countries in Europe and Africa including Stuttgart and Munich in Germany, Fuerteventura in Spain, Heraklion and Kos in Greece, and Sharm Sheikh in Egypt.

Freebird has a platform allowing passengers to book its flights, and also to book certain services of its partners, including car rental and hotel rooms.

The backbone of an airline is its fleet. The frequent renewal of the fleet and the emphasis on new technologies have been the main drivers for the rejuvenation of the Turkish brand.

Freebird Airlines has one of the youngest fleets of any Turkish airline, with more than ten perfectly equipped and clean cabin-equipped aircraft.

Fly to more than thirty destinations and take advantage of attractive offers to fly with exclusive prices on airlines connecting Turkey to destinations in Europe like London, Dublin, Vienna, Rome, Lisbon, Athens and Tirana; In Africa like Marrakech, Tunis and Algiers; in Riyadh and Doha in Asia.

Select your seat online

Whether you prefer to sit at the head of the row, or you prefer to sit in an armchair offering comfortable legroom, Freebird Airlines allows you to fully enjoy your flight by offering you an online reservation and seat selection solution.

Check in for the flight in advance

Freebird Airlines allows you to check in through two different means: Online and at the airport. You can opt for the first solution to check in quickly and even print your boarding pass, without even having to leave the comfort of your sofa.

Online booking management service

At any time and without moving, modify the data of your reservation flight including the date of departure, the destination or the airport of departure.

Check in for your flight in one click

Save valuable time by completing your Freebird flight check-in online. Learn about each step to take advantage of this convenient service.

Cabin and checked baggage

The number and weight or even the dimensions of the baggage authorized in your allowance may differ depending on your air ticket price. Find out how many pieces can you carry on a Freebird Airlines flight.

Traveling with one, two or more handbags or checked baggage? Are you allowed or not to take liquids inside? Ask about the baggage allowance included in each fare.

Some items are considered dangerous, and are therefore prohibited in luggage. Discover through our guide which items you cannot carry in your suitcases to avoid any unpleasant situation at the airport.

Online Booking

It's up to you to make a Freebird flight reservation. It's easy with the booking engine integrated into the pages of the Turkish airline's website.

Turkey's airline offers through its online platform an efficient booking process and the necessary information and content. You can simply make an online reservation by filling out a simple form where you specify your reservation data including the day of departure and arrival and the class of travel.

Besides giving you a great choice when it comes to where you fly, Freebird airline gives you better value for money than any other airline in Turkey. You can consult in our guide the method with which you can make your reservation taking advantage of the advantageous rates.

Complain to Freebird Airlines

Faced with flight delays or cancellations by Freebird Airlines, you have rights to claim from the airline as financial compensation, and you have several ways to do so.

You can file a written or electronic complaint with the air carrier at any time of the day. Fill out a simple form to report the dispute and claim compensation from your airline.

Whatever type of claim you want to file with your airline operator. Whether it is a flight delay or loss or damage to luggage, this guide provides you with all the information and even the tools necessary to form your request and send it to the customer relations department of Freebird Airlines.