SunExpress: What is the difference between SunEco and SunPremium fares?

Not all passengers have the same constraints and needs. Some want flexible fares, or a little flexible, others want to be able to stop over during a connection, some want to leave from a city other than the destination of their outbound flight, some want availability at the last minute , others are ready to buy in advance.

SunExpress is an airline anyone can fly with. This is why it introduces a new international fare system so that customers can enjoy their trips, choose how to fly, what options to pay, access a more convenient and simple flight experience.

Turkey’s airline offers three fare schedules, namely: SunEco, SunClassic and SunPremium.

SunExpress has created booking classes which basically correspond to a number of restrictions in relation to the full fare of the travel class in question. You pay less but in return you have less flexibility, you earn fewer miles, … Or conversely, the less constraints you want the more you pay.

Permanently available for booking, this offer includes three levels, with in-flight services remaining unchanged.

Characteristics of each fare

– SunEco rate schedule

This is the Basic fare, the cheapest offered by SunExpress on its flights. It includes cabin baggage, as well as a personal item such as checked baggage of 30kg (international flight), and 15kg (domestic flight), and the allocation of seats is done during check-in, either online or at the airport.

This rate is the cheapest offered on SunExpress flights, logically does not give access to many privileges. However, SunExpress offers passengers booking their air tickets with this rate the possibility of adding additional services (priority boarding, improving baggage allowance, etc.)

It’s an offer that meets the needs of every passenger on a SunExpress flight.

– SunPremium rate schedule

SunExpress specifies that for all its flights, nothing will change with the five options characterizing the Premium fare:

– 35kg of luggage on international flights, and 20kg on domestic flights;

– Standard seat assigned when booking the flight

– Possibility to modify the flight (choosing another date) free of charge up to one week before the flight (7 days).

– Still water and Snack offered

For passengers choosing this fare option, they can improve it by adding other services and products on the Manage Reservation section of the SunExpress website.

Choosing the SunPremium fare when booking a SunExpress flight allows you to sit in the widest seats Xleg available in the cabins of SunExpress aircraft, allowing you to travel in the greatest comfort.

This is the highest class and the most expensive fare offered to passengers. In this cabin, you will find spacious seats, high-end meals are served to you, … you also benefit from an improved baggage allowance (40kg on the international flight and 25kg if you are traveling within the country).

This offer also comes with priority queues, access to lounges to wait for your flight and in-flight entertainment. Also, by booking your plane ticket with the SunPremium fare, you benefit from flexibility on your travel dates because SunExpress gives you the opportunity to book your flight for free up to 72 hours before departure.

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