Spend miles on free services and other benefits

Spend miles on flights, excess baggage or upgrades. Spend miles on your next Turkish Airlines flight, hotel stay or car rental. You can even use them to pay for things like water park tickets, buy items from partner stores of the Turkish company,…

Use your Smiles points to buy flights on Turkish Airlines or partner carriers. You can also exchange it when you book a hotel room or rent a car or organize a holiday circuit, …

Book a flight and spend miles with Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines also offers bonus miles for certain activities such as booking tickets or paying for hotel stays. These miles can be redeemed for free flights, upgrades or other benefits.

Spending miles on booking a Turkish Airlines flight ticket? Award tickets are the best way to earn miles for flights booked on its website. It will be possible for you to purchase award tickets using your Miles & Smiles number or by entering your account information. If you have multiple membership numbers, be sure to enter them all when booking so that the company can utilize the earning potential of each number.

Use miles for hotel room rentals

Spend your miles at the establishment of your choice and it will be easy for you to earn more miles. You can pay usig miles and cash using the Cash&Miles formula to make the most of this strategy.

If you’re an elite member, the miles you accumulate over time can net you a big bonus check. Spend and earn miles at more hotels worldwide through the Booking.com platform. Earn points when you book trips to over a million hotels in the popular hotel booking platform. You can redeem your points for free rewards such as product purchases or upgrades.

Join the Miles & Smiles loyalty program today and start earning miles and more. Booking your hotel on Booking.com allows you to earn an unlimited number of Smiles reward points.

Earn hundreds of points for every booking at partner hotels (other discounts may be available). Redeem for free nights at participating hotels through booking.com.

It should be noted that each 17 try (1 $) spent earns the customer 2 Smiles.

Rent cars with miles

By being a member of the Miles & Smiles programme, it is possible to redeem your award miles for rental cars from one of the many companies that offer this service. You will need to provide them with your Miles & Smiles number, and they will give you a unique code to enter on their website or call center when booking your rental. The rental company will also provide you with an email receipt for your reward after you return the vehicle.

When it comes time to book a flight, just use your airline or travel agency website as you normally would. However, be sure to sign up for the frequent flyer program associated with your preferred carrier before you go. This way, you earn points on all eligible bookings you make to rent a car, directly on Turkishairlines.com.

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