Corendon Airlines: All contact information

Corendon Airlines positions itself as a low-cost company with attractive prices and more than one hundred destinations. It serves destinations worldwide in addition to European airports. Whether you have questions about a short-haul or long-haul flight, you can contact its agents and customer relationship advisers to have so much information and information you need.

Customer service available by phone

For all those who would like to use the services offered by Corendon Airlines, or lodge a complaint because of a missing service, late flight, lost baggage, … by telephone calls, a standard number has been made available. You just need to contact This number can be reached every day. A qualified customer service is available to listen to you and satisfy you. If you live in another country, you will find the corresponding telephone number here.

Confirming the reservation of a flight via the Internet is something completely normal today, but what happens when we have a question about our trip? Maybe you are planning to carry more baggage than is included in your ticket and you are unsure how much you will have to pay, or you are traveling with a pet and want to check the conditions under which your companion will travel.

As passengers may have many doubts, Corendon Airlines has customer service in all of its destination countries. Save time looking for each phone number, we offer you all the information about it.

You can reach the Eurowings hotline 24 hours a day from German fixed and mobile networks for all questions relating to your reservation, delays, diversions and baggage at the following number:


Phone Number


444 4 737

+49 211 9543 9061


+48 22 524 4451

+45 781 52 643


+31 20 499 0237

+32 2 273 0428

United Kingdom

+44 20 349 906 42
Other Countries

+90 216 444 47 37

You can now know the phone numbers of this company that you can call to contact its call center to verify all your questions about flights, schedules, cancellations, complaints and more.

Communicate with an online customer relations agent

A very comfortable way to forget waiting on the phone or depending on a single agent who can help you. Corendon Airlines has managed to diversify its contact channels, making life much easier for its customers.

In order to offer you a certain freedom of choice, Corendon Airlines offers several contact channels. You can therefore opt for other means such as the online contact form if you find telephone calls quite expensive or restrictive. Customer service will take care of your concerns and get back to you as soon as possible.

The contact form on the Corendon Airlines website offers not only the possibility to get in touch, but also many answers on the subject you have chosen. These are automatically listed after topic selection. So if you have a common question, you can answer it before submitting the form.

A FAQ to find answers to all your questions about any service offered by Corendon Airlines

If your question is not answered directly in the subject of the contact form, you can also consult the Corendon Airlines FAQ area. All frequently asked questions are collected and answered here. It is therefore entirely possible that your questions will be answered before you contact Eurowings.

Coredon Airlines may communicate with you through social media

In addition to photos of travel destinations, Corendon Airlines also posts travel-related news stories such as strike announcements on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). It is worth checking before traveling to avoid any surprises.

3 Replies to “Corendon Airlines: Contact”


    I had to collect my passengers from the Airport today. They flew out of Gatwick Airport on the 10th July. They were due to land at Gatwick at 17.40 flight number XC8133. XC8133 Is not listed anywhere. I phoned the help line number to see if they might be on XC8153. Why is it, at 14.40, no one was there to answer the phone?.

  2. HAERTL, Wolfgang

    Dear CORENDON team, I would like to ask you to check the following matters/flights. On November 1st, 2021, I received the booking confirmation transaction no. 48124304 from TUI with the names and birthdays (see PDF 01).

    DEPARTURE HAJ – RHO on 07/18/22 – 01:40 – 06:00

    On June 18th, 2022 I received the seat reservation confirmation B8H27V for the XL seats 12D-F and 13D-F, Flight XR 9154 – 01:40-06:00 – HAJ to RHO. No one asked online about the birthdays, otherwise I would have booked the children the normal seats in front of or behind us. (see PDF 02)

    Before TAKE OFF was, I was informed that the passengers Lina (12) and Don’t let Haertl (14) sit on the XL seats. The children then had to switch places with strangers. A male flight attendant pointed out to me that I could get a refund for the seats I had paid for, totaling €40.00, via ****. (see PDF 03)

    I hereby ask for a refund of the sum of 40.00 €

    RETURN RHO – HAJ on 05.08.22 – 22:10 – 00:40 scheduled, take off 01:30

    On June 21, 2022 I received the seat reservation confirmation ABW87J for seats 12D-F and 13D-F for flight XR 9159 – 22:10-00:40 – RHO to HAJ (s PDF 04 and 05) After the birthdays it went online I didn’t ask this time either, otherwise I would have booked the normal places in front of or behind us for the children. When we checked in on August 5th, 2022, we were told at the counter that the children were again not allowed to sit on the XL seats. After a long back and forth, we were all rebooked to the FIRST row (seats 1A-F). (see PDF 06 and 07)

    My question: Are there also XL seats in the FIRST row? The legroom is bigger, but not the stretching of the legs, as in rows 12 and 13.

    I am asking for a partial refund here as well Sincerely Wolfgang Haertl

    For this matter i have 7 documents .PDF

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