Preparing for your SunExpress flight during your pregnancy

Many expectant mothers wonder if it is possible to travel by plane during pregnancy and the answer is clearly yes, but there are certain rules in this regard.

Traveling during pregnancy on a SunExpress flight is possible, provided that measures and strategies are adopted to always guarantee the health of the mother and the baby in her womb. Obviously, each pregnancy is a story in itself, so it is up to the woman to understand what she can and cannot do, always consulting her gynecologist beforehand, who can also give useful advice in this regard.

Taking flight during pregnancy: A few tips to remember

The gestation period is a unique and unforgettable moment, as special as it is fragile. Every decision must obviously be dictated by common sense, always trying to make choices aimed at protecting this life growing in the womb. Experts do not advise pregnant women not to travel, but the important thing is to always know what their state of health is, what period of pregnancy the woman is in and what precautions, if any, to take to avoid babies. or big problems.

Traveling pregnant on a SunExpress flight: The deadline

Before the 28th week of pregnancy

You can travel without any problem unless you have a high-risk pregnancy.

From the 28th week of pregnancy

SunExpress authorizes pregnant women to travel from the 28th week of pregnancy provided that they have a medical certificate attesting that they are pregnant. in good condition (preferably issued seven days or less before the flight).

From the 36th week of pregnancy

Pregnant women are not accepted on SunExpress flights.

– After pregnancy

Once you have given birth, you can travel, in principle, with the Turkish airline from two days later if you have not had complications or a caesarean section.

If the woman and baby are fine, you can still travel pregnant. However, during the first trimester and the last trimester, you have to be more careful. The first three months are the most delicate, also with regard to the typical ailments of the time, such as fatigue, drowsiness, morning sickness, which the trip could increase. While the last three months are close to childbirth and for example some airlines have very specific rules concerning the boarding of women at the end of pregnancy. Not to mention that with a visibly growing belly and swollen legs, you often don’t really want to move.

Air travel during pregnancy is comfortable, but pay attention to the rules. In the second trimester there are no problems, but in the first and third it may not be allowed: each company has its own rules.

Get up often to avoid the risk of thrombosis. Wear graduated compression stockings and comfortable shoes, drink water frequently.

Can flying while pregnant pose a risk to the future mother?

No study shows that traveling pregnant increases the risk of premature delivery or complications during pregnancy. It is nevertheless recommended to consult your doctor before departure.

If you are prone to medical complications, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, spotting, or are at an advanced stage of pregnancy, he will give you good indications and advice to enable you to travel serenely.

The doctor in charge of the follow-up of the pregnancy can prescribe you compression stockings to wear during the trip, whether your flight is a long-haul one or not. Small planes are generally less pressurized than large aircraft, which forces the mother-to-be’s body to work harder to compensate for the lack of oxygen.

Go through airport security

Contrary to some widespread rumors on social networks, going through airport security gates poses no risk to your baby. Only your luggage is X-rayed. The security gates are simple metal detectors.

Recently, a new security system has started to appear: body scanners. The waves from these devices are thirty times shorter than those from smartphones, and do not penetrate the body at all. The waves are reflected, which makes it possible to identify only what is carried on the surface of the body. Thus, you run no risk if you plan to fly while pregnant.

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