How much hand luggage are you allowed when flying with Corendon Airlines?

Corendon Airlines has its own requirements regarding the weight and dimensions of carry-on baggage. At the same time, standards can sometimes vary even depending on a particular flight.

Most often, passengers who plan to travel on a Corendon Airlines flight have the possibility of carrying 8kg in the cabin, in a single bag whose maximum dimensions are: 25cm x 40cm x 55cm.

Before buying, it is best to measure the size of your bag or suitcase so as not to be mistaken, and to avoid the risk that your suitcase will not fit with you in the cabin.

Carrying of handbag on board Corendon Airlines flights is free

The advantages of traveling with a handbag are obvious: you can save on the price of a ticket, you do not have to spend time waiting for your baggage, and the necessary things are always at hand.

A backpack is a versatile travel companion. It is lightweight and can hold a lot of things. The hands remain free and the load is evenly distributed over the shoulders and back. When choosing, it is recommended to take into account not only the size, but also the internal structure of the backpack.

Bags with a large number of internal compartments allow you to properly distribute things and not move them from place to place in search of the desired item. It is convenient to carry various equipment and a laptop in a backpack without the hassle of an extra bag. Some, like the Thule Subterra Travel Backpack, even have a dedicated external compartment for a computer. This greatly simplifies access to the laptop.

Backpacks differ in volume, measured in liters, and in shape. For hand luggage, it is better to choose rectangular models, those that resemble a suitcase in their appearance. They will fit more things than in the model with rounded edges. It is also worth taking into account the actual weight of an empty backpack and giving preference to models made of light, but durable and water-repellent materials.

The easiest way to squeeze a backpack is through the baggage allowance at the airport. If you have luggage, the backpack can be easily attached to the handle of the suitcase, so you will always be comfortable to travel with.

Travel light with your hand luggage

– Backpack if you need mobility

It is versatile, leaves your hands free, it is convenient to carry a laptop in it. It is better to choose backpacks that have several compartments.

– Bag if you need to carry more stuff

But you don’t want to drag a suitcase around with you. The bags are light and spacious, coming with additional belts or wheels. Suitable for short and long journeys. Transformer bags are very practical and can be transformed into a backpack or a soft wheeled suitcase.

– Traveling with a small suitcase in the cabin

The suitcase is suitable for those who do not want to carry anything in their hands

All things can be stored neatly there, fragile things can be transported. It is better to choose lightweight plastic models with four wheels.

It is also worth paying attention to the handle. If it is short or of poor quality, it will be inconvenient to carry a suitcase. It’s best to stop at the telescoping handle, which extends to a comfortable length for you.

Suitcases differ in the number of wheels: there can be two or four. The first option is suitable for off-road, its drawback is a noticeable load on the hand. At the same time, you can carry such a suitcase only for yourself.

Four wheels allow the suitcase to be carried on the side, but only suitable for flat surfaces. There is a third option – the most convenient: when the diameter of the front wheels is smaller than the rear. Such a suitcase has greater maneuverability and rolls well on two and four wheels. If the front wheels are hidden in the body, like the Thule Revolve Carry On Spinner, there’s more space for stuff.

Traveling with a small plastic suitcase, in the cabin

Plastic suitcases are easier to clean from dirt, they are stronger and safer for transporting fragile items. Plastic suitcases are slightly lighter than fabric suitcases, so they are a good option for carry-on luggage.

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