Traveling with Hold Baggage on Turkish Airlines Flights: Follow the Airline’s Rules and Policy

Checked baggage is pieces or suitcases that a passenger registers at the check-in counter to be transported in the hold of the aircraft. It is marked with a baggage tag and the passenger receives a detachable ticket, which must be kept until they are received at the arrival airport.

The baggage allowance for the ticket is shown on the website and on the itinerary receipt. You can also check the baggage allowance offered by Turkish Airlines to its travelers by following this guide.

In the itinerary receipt, the baggage allowance is indicated in the Flight Information field, in the Baggage column. According to the standards established by Turkish Airlines, the weights of checked baggage are indicated in kilograms while their dimensions are indicated in centimetres.

What items can be put in checked baggage, and what cannot, or they are simply prohibited, this is often the question that Turkish Airlines passengers are looking for answers to.

According to the Turkish Airlines Baggage Regulations, the size of baggage checked in with the Turkish company should not exceed 115 cm, and the weight of the baggage depends on the class of the ticket or the fare taken:

– Economy Class: 1 bag of 23kg

– Business Class: 2 bags of 23kg (64kg in total)

The free checked baggage allowance specified is valid for the entire route in each direction from the baggage check point to the destination or to the first stopping point on the route during a connection, provided that all flights are carried out on the flights of the Turkish company.

What items to put in checked baggage?

In addition to your personal belongings and items you may need during the trip, Turkish Airlines allows you to carry the following items:

Crossbows, harpoon guns, checkers, sabers, cleavers, scimitars, sabers, swords, broadswords, bayonets, daggers, knives, hunting knives with ejected blades, with lock, imitators of any type of weapon; Household knives with a blade length of more than 60 mm; aerosols intended for sporting or domestic use, whose outlet valves are protected by caps against the spontaneous release of the contents in containers with a maximum capacity of 500 ml (maximum 4 containers per passenger).

What items should not be put in checked baggage (prohibited)?

Small personal means of transport powered by lithium batteries: unicycles, segways, hoverboards, gyroscopic scooters. It is also prohibited to transport these devices in hand luggage. The transport of these funds is only possible if they are registered as Dangerous Goods in accordance with the procedure established by the airline.

Lithium-ion batteries with a power density of less than 160 Wh.

Electronic cigarettes must now be transported in Aeroflot only in hand baggage in cases with a passenger on board, they are prohibited in baggage. They explain that this condition occurs in accordance with the requirements of the Bermuda aviation authorities, apparently part of the aircraft is registered there, so it is their requirements that must be met.

The liquids for these cigarettes must be packed properly for the transport of liquids: no more than 100 ml (no more than 1 liter per person in a transparent bag) and carried in hand luggage. It is strictly forbidden to smoke electronic cigarettes on board.

Carriage of special baggage in the hold

Passengers have the possibility to bring sports equipment and other sports equipment on board a Turkish Airlines flight, under certain conditions, against payment of an additional fee, or free of charge in certain cases, if the service is included in the allowance. plane ticket.

However, it is advisable to contact the customer service of the Turkish company in order to organize the transport of any special luggage.

In general, here are the Turkish Airlines rules for special baggage:

– On domestic flights, you can carry your golf equipment (a bag of clubs and a pair of shoes), skiing (a pair of skis or a snowboard and the shoes), surfing and even canoeing free of charge.

– On domestic flights and for other types of special baggage charges will apply.

– In any case, we advise you to communicate your needs when booking your ticket in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when boarding.

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